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K.J. Gets Showcased

The rest of Canada gets to know Kerry Joseph.

Although I find myself

Although I find myself agreeing with Mitch more than I do Drew, I like Drew's idea of paying per year. Pay an athelete according to how they performed for that year. I think that is an excellent idea. So how much is Kerry worth? Sorry, but I don't know about these types of things. I don't know anything about CFL salaries.

Just pay Kerry for what he has done. That is fair.


KJ definitely needs a new

KJ definitely needs a new contract. Very shortly after this season is over I want to be hearing that he has a new contract paying him market value. Even just to put him in the top half of the QBs in the league it will take something like a 3 year $1.5 million deal. He may well be worth more than that but that may be within the range of what's fair, and that would only put him in line with Printers, Ray and Dickenson and not above them.

Football is a business.

Football is a business. There is no need to renegotiate a contract unless it makes good business / football sense.

Contracts are renegotiated to a) keep a person on the roster like KJ did this year and b) to get the player to stay longer.

The latter is often if you get a superstar young player and you want to stay around longer.

Now...KJ is great but he ain't no spring chicken. Near as I recall he has got a couple years left. So, do you renegotiate to keep a 36 year QB longer? I dunno.

I do know you don't just give players money when they do well...just as you don't take money back when they suck.

It is possible that a slight rework is that gives more bonuses to provide enticements.

One also has to figure out market value...if he demands a paycut and we don't give it to him where is he going to go?

As every good businessman

As every good businessman will tell you, it makes good business sense to treat your people fairly, and failing to do so will come back to bite you in a number of ways

34 is not that old anymore, and given that he was healthy this year and is up for the MOP tonight, where do you get the idea that he only has a couple of years left??? Damon Allen was a top player up to about the age of 40, and KJ is an incredible athlete too who looks to have lots of miles left on him, certainly a few more good years anyway. Besides that, CFL contracts aren’t guaranteed, so if something happened and for some reason he became ineffective, then we would just cut him, no matter what he was making.

Your next statement is odd too. Since we did take money away from him largely under the excuse the he hadn’t played well last year, even though he was playing injured for most of the year, how can we now change the rules and say we don’t open contracts based on performance? I agree with you that if we hadn’t taken money away from him last year we wouldn’t have had to pay him more this year, and in that case we would have had him at $375k or $400k whatever his salary would have been this year, but having opened his contract to take money away from him last year we now are ethically obliged to open it again and give him what he’s worth, and looking at the market it’s fairly easy to see what he’s worth, right around 3 years and $1.5 million.

As for what teams would be interested in the league’s MOP, a player who can hurt you with his arms and legs and who is a top level competitor and a winner, given that I believe he would become a FA at the end of next year, an expansion team in Ottawa would be a good bet, but also Montreal, BC, Toronto, are possibles, and depending on what happens next year with injuries and inconsistent QBs like Burris almost any team could be interested in him.

Fortunately, for us, I'm

Fortunately, for us, I'm sure the KJ and Tillman understand that this is a team. And not just one player deserves the slightly outragous money your talking about. It's definitely going to bite Hamiltion in the ass!

Look I have been a KJ supporter all year, and never waivered, and I think what he did was admirable, taking the paycut. I do think, as others have said, it goes both ways though, and that paycut, should be reconsidered.

So, a raise of ~100,000 should be due, perhaps more, I say keep him happy. But this is a team. And KJ has shown that he is happiest when his team, has a chance to become champions. He also understands that, that means surrounding him with good players.

I like KJ and he's the last player I would want to leave for greener pastures (such an ironic statement really). But you are talking about paying him 1/2 million/yr. That's 1/8 of the team salary. How many players are there? And no, I don't think it should be divided evenly.

In any case, I hope they do the right thing to keep our players happy for a great chance at a repeat championship game.

Some of what you’re saying

Some of what you’re saying doesn’t really add up. If this is a team game then why is it that only KJ was being asked to take a salary that is about half of what his market value was this year? And why at the same time was a player like Yo Murphy making 50% – 100% more than his market value? You may feel that QB salaries are outrageous these days, but Printers, Ray and Dickenson all make about $500k per year, and Calvillo won’t be that far behind either. That is what the market value for a top QB is, and KJ is going to be the MOP of the league this year, so how can we justify paying him anything less than his market value, never mind less than half of his market value? IMO, to pay him less than market value would be unethical and would have ramifications for this team with respect to players staying with this team and coming to this team in the future, especially considering that KJ was asked to take a pay cut after a year when he was injured. If players feel that we try to take advantage of them like that then I think many will not want to come here, and I can’t blame them.

Regarding the cap, given the amount of salary we cut in the off season, and the fact that we actually picked up other teams’ cap casualties, and that we kept so many players around, and that we overpaid a number of players, and that we needlessly brought in and paid a full salary to players like Azzi, and about half a dozen other reasons, you can tell that we didn’t have any significant cap issues this year. We also have a lot of fat to cut and some contracts to legitimately renegotiate this year. Murphy’s bloated contract will be gone. Fleiszer should be gone. Szarka may well retire. I’m not clear on whether Flick re-negotiated his contract once we acquired him but he should be making substantially less than he was last year, possibly something like 40% less. Holmes also needs to be making substantially less than his current contract, also something like 40% less. The cap will likely be going up next year as well, so there are lots of places to find the money.

The bottom line, however, is that if you don’t treat you players/employees fairly it will come back to bite you one way or another, and treating KJ fairly, especially after the unfair hit he took this year, is going to cost about $500k per year for the next 3 years, which would be in line with what Printers, Ray, Dickenson and perhaps even Calvillo are making, and remember that this is only an 8 team league. Remember that KJ was underpaid relative to the market even last year, and this year he's likely going to be the MOP of the league. If we hadn't renegotiated his contract last year we may have been able to not renegotiate this year, but having asked him to take a cut last year ethically we pretty well have to open his contract up again and give him a big raise this year.

(As a footnote, I believe the top NFL QBs also make approximately the same percentage of their teams’ total salary. I’m only guessing here, but that may be what set the standard for the current top CFL QBs’ contracts.)

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