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Shivers Shows Class

For all the abuse yours truly has heaped on Roy Shivers in the last year and a half, I must tip my hat to the man who built this team which I fully expect to bring home the Grey Cup. Roy Shivers treatment of the Saskatchewan people was wrong when he labeled us all "a bunch of racists". However, Shiv gave Kent Austin his due in that recent Darrell Davis interview done with the Regina Leader Post. I still think Roy built the foundation for this to happen, however it was his unfortunate stubborness in sticking with Danny Barrett at head coach, which led to his downfall. Along with Eric Tillman and Kent Austin, I have no problem with Roy Shivers sharing the credit for how far this team has come.

Joseph is going to win

Joseph is going to win league MVP. Joseph lead our team to 12 win season. Joseph will win the cup.

Joseph would not be in the CFL had it not been for Tillman.

Heck Kent Austin would not be in the league if it not for Tillman.

There is only so much a GM can do. Tillman has done that in 1 year. Sure he hasn't brought in a dozen players...but you don't do that in 1 year.

Tillman has done as masterful a job over 1 year for a GM as anyone has or could.

Shivers had 6 years to stock a team.

I don’t think Roy called

I don’t think Roy called Saskatchewanians a bunch of racists. I think he called certain group of people racists, and I think he was bang on and telling it straight as usual. In that article Roy gave very high praise to Austin indeed, and once again he’s just telling it straight and he’s right on the mark. He didn’t give any praise to Tillman and again that was accurate. Apart from his decision to hire Kent, this team has won in spite of Tillman not because of him. (I’ll make this one exception here but note again that I will not engage in any more Tillman talk until after the playoffs). Roy and Austin are the ones who should take the bows for this team.

If you want to criticize Roy you could legitimately say that he should have been more diplomatic. Otoh, most of us liked having a GM who would give us the straight goods, and who was right probably 95% of the time. You could also legitimately say that he should have tried a different coach, but Danny wasn’t that bad of a coach. It’s just that Kent has done a masterful job of coaching this team this year, and he’s shown a very exceptional level of understanding of team dynamics and the psychology of being a winning team in general. If you slammed Roy for any other reason, however, as the saying goes, you may be a redneck, or worse.

ARE YOU (*&%&%^$$&&%#$&# Are

ARE YOU (*&%&%^$$&&%#$&#

Are you the same "IDIOT" that keeps going on about Tillman ????


Let the rest of the "TRUE RIDER FANS" stay in this site, & ones like you can:
"BUGGER RIGHT OFF" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The talent here is still

The talent here is still very much to do with SHiver's and he deserves a big part of the credit for the team being here. This year has certainly shown that Barret was not a good coach as the talent may have been better in previous years. Tillman should be given credit for moving some guys and being able to bring in talented castoffs. I don't believe Tillman has demonstrated an ability to recruit from the US as Chick is the only player he's brought in. In the off-season he will have to do much better and bring in some receivers and running backs.

Glad to see that you still

Glad to see that you still check the Green Zone Mr. Shivers. Winning in spite of Tillman? Give your head a shake.

I think you've got your

I think you've got your initials in the wrong order ... should probably be RFS or Roy F. Shivers

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