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The Final Verdict Sunday Will Be

I agree it was stupid to

I agree it was stupid to have an interview with Shiver's in the Leader Post... the media in Regina are like little kids are times and cannot seem to let some things die... Shivers is gone... Barrett is gone... let it be already... I agree also about the comments about the Remenda Show also... at first I thought it was a bit funny but to be honest I went from listening to the show every evening to not even turning it on at all.... not even with the extended Rider coverage this week.. If they ever get back to talking about sports and not there ego's I will turn it on again perhaps..... I give Mitch credit he may not know alot about sports but he seems to be in a zone about

GO BOMBERS GO milt stegall

milt stegall will not let the bombers lose
sorry guys ull have to take your combines back to saskatchewan and wait another 30 years until ur next grey cup

"BETTER TEAM" !!!!!!!!! Even

"BETTER TEAM" !!!!!!!!!

Even though the Bombers were "BEATEN-BY-A-BETTER-TEAM,I have 2 give full credit 2 the Bombers Defence.

They played a real good game, but not "QUITE GOOD ENOUGH".

I don't want to here back from whomever put the comment in re Milt, saying that if Glenn had played, they would have won,

The truth is that even with Glenn playing, they would have:


In saying this, it's really to bad that for all the many great years that Milt has had, that he never got a Ring.
It just goes 2 show, that one player, no matter how good, does not make the whole team.

Oh, well, that's the way things happen.

All, in all, it was a game that will be remembered, & talked about for years to come.

What more could have anyone have asked for, being a "GREY CUP GAME" between the "RIDERS & BOMBERS".

Dwight S.

HEY GOOF !!!!!!!! I think

HEY GOOF !!!!!!!!

I think you said that Milt would not let the "BUMMERS LOSE", right ????

"VUT HAPPENED" ???????????

I wish I could say that I feel sorry for you:


Maybe the " LITTLE-PEG-BLEW-BUMMERS" can win the Cup sometime within the in the next:

30 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yeah, ok, about Stegall, he

Yeah, ok, about Stegall, he has had good a HOF career , which is very respectable, I was not totally impressed by him this year. His record breaking TD was a 2 yard toss play, wow. incredible, speechless, that's one for the highlights, ssssuuurrrrre. Give me a break. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Milt, but it's gonna take a whole lot more than Stegall to win the Grey Cup. I guess you can't have everything in life. GO RIDERS!!!

Oko Sinko

Those Saskatchewan combines

Those Saskatchewan combines will THRASH the Blue Bummers into fine chaff

I THINK NOT !!!!!!!!! I

I THINK NOT !!!!!!!!!

I don't know what, or how much you know about Football, but am sure, by your comment, that your "KNOWLEDGE IS VERY LIMITED" !!!!!!!

It is going to take a "HELL" of allot more than Milt to win, or even come close.

Another 30 years ????

"DO THE MATH" !!!!!!!!!

As far as Combines go, do you now know that in Manitobia, there are allot of "GOOD OLD FARM BOYS" also ?????

Sorry, I forget that they still use "THRESHING MACHINES" in Manitobia.


Dwight S.

This Remenda guy is

This Remenda guy is horrible!

i agree...he was fun at

i agree...he was fun at first,but he is getting thin on the nerves,pretending to be as outspoken as a don cherry,or whatever.give the show to mitch,cut drew loose!!!need a second person?(anyone else notice how much fun drew has around sarah mills?)sure she doesn't know sports very well,but i tell would be fun!!!those two have great radio chemisty!!!i'm sure chef malcom would be ok with it,as long as he's given a few mins each week for weekend sports dishes,lol!!!but as i started to say...i think drew is done until we need his insight to HOCKEY playoffs!!!

sorry i meant to

sorry i meant to say..."anyone notice how much fun MITCH has around sarah mills?) apologies

Post your predictions here!

Post your predictions here! Just put up your predictions by replying to this comment.

My Prediction: Riders 27 Bombers 19

Oko Sinko




Dwight S.

Joseph will look like Flutie

Joseph will look like Flutie in '97, Dinwiddie will look like Slack. Roberts keeps it somewhat respectible.

Riders 43, Bombers 20

With a few quick strikes

With a few quick strikes then some timely 2nd half scores the Riders pull it out....

Riders 33 Bombers 24


I cannot understand why a

I cannot understand why a Regina reporter would call Roy Shivers for a comment about this years team and their success. He insulted everyone in this province at one time or another. This team is successfull because they have a President, General Manager and most importantly a coach who brought this team togather and made them into something the fans and the province could be proud of. Whether they win or lose this team is to be respected for who they are and what they have done. Roy Shivers did not deserve any respect for the way he managed this team or trea
ted it's fans.

Even though Roy Shivers will

Even though Roy Shivers will never be accused of being a public relations officer, we must all remember what he and Danny Barrett did for our Riders. Remember back to Cal Murphy's last year as HC...what a mess! At least when Roy and Danny left, we were allowed to have a foundation on which this year's team is built! There is no way Austin has this much success if he had to inherit Murphy's and Al Ford's team! Give credit where credit is due! Roy and Danny did good...even if their team's couldn't get to the cup!

You don't know how wrong you

You don't know how wrong you are!

Roy Shivers was a great friend to my father; to the point that he was asked to be a paul bearer - a task which he jumped at the opportunity to assist a grieving family of dedicated Rider fans [by the way, this took place during the playoffs and we all work rider gear to the funeral including Roy].

Roy may be a great friend -

Roy may be a great friend - on a personal level. That is not the point being made above (in my opinion).

However, it cannot be denied that he was very callous towards media and in his departure he did insult this province on several occasions.

Shivers all, in all:

Shivers all, in all:

True,Roy may have been friends with some people, but in general, not that many.

I was at a function where Roy was at, & when I went up, just to say Hi, & introduce myself, he "BRUSHED ME OFF" like I wasen't even there !!!!!!!

Sure, I am no important guy, but me $'s helped pay his wage.

I am sure that if I were someone important, in his eyes, he would have not done same.

Danny was there also, & didn't do to me what Roy did. He at least took the time to shake my hand.
As far as I am concerned, Danny seemed to me, to be a nice guy.

Roy is "GONE" & we have a new crew in know, which so far, are doing more than an average job, so lets:

"ALL FORGET ROY", & get on with things.

Hope all goes well. Coaching

Hope all goes well. Coaching is #1, then respect for the coaches.
Keep that in mind and you as a player will never loose. You have to know the system, or the system will let you go. Play with the system and the coaches will play you.
You don't have to be the best, you just want to play like your the best.


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