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Help Chris Knox Get To The Grey Cup

We all remember Chris Knox. He is the young man fighting brain cancer who after the Labour Day Classic was taken into the dressing room by Mike McCullough. (Pictures of this can be found on this sight somewhere in the archives)Friends of Chris are trying to get him to Toronto where he can hopefully see the team win it all but your help is needed. If you can donate some money to help Chris, you are asked to either go to your nearest Affinity Credit Union and write a cheque in the name of Kelly Schermann in trust of Chris Knox. You can also mail a cheque to Kelly personally at Box 73 Strasbourg  S0G 4V0  . Kelly's number if you want more information is 725-3631

We are putting a cheuqe in

We are putting a cheuqe in the mail today for $100.00 to help Chris get to the Grey Cup.
We will also be encouraging our co-workers to help out in any way they can.
Just a thought "wouldn't it me nice to have Chris's Dad along for the ride."
Maybe good old Saskatchewan can raise enough $ to get that done as well!

Gene and Joanne
Arcola Sask.

Hi and thanks for the

Hi and thanks for the donation. It's difficult for me to keep up with updating all of the information in the varietyof places that we have it posted, but you will be happy to know that we have increased our efforts in order to send Chris' dad, stepdad, and girlfriend to the game. So far it looks good, but we still need donations to make it happen.


Thanks for the time on the

Thanks for the time on the show guys. Here is what I just posted to the fan forum in Riderville. Chris may only be healthy enough to take in a few days, but let's work out the details after the money comes in. Keep it coming everyone! You are all awesome.

Here is the information that you need for making donations to help get Chris Knox to the Grey Cup game.

You can make a donation at any Affinity Credit Union to the account titled: Kelly Schermann in trust for Chris Knox

Please only use the Affinity Credit Union for the sake of time. Be sure that the bank makes and retains a copy of your contact information and donation amount (ie. - a photocopy of the cheque), so that I can refund your money, should Chris not be able to attend the game.

Alternatively, you may mail me a cheque directly and I will deposit it to the account I have set up here at the Credit Union in Strasbourg. My mailing address is:
Kelly Schermann
Box 73
Strasbourg, SK
S0G 4V0

Please do not feel that if you can't get a donation to me in the next few days that it is not worthwhile for you to donate. I have a bit of a "slush fund/petty cash fund" to make some of the initial bookings for Chris, so getting the money over the course of the next week or so is all right.

Every little bit helps, no matter the amount. Please help make a difference and help a very sick young man realize a dream! Many here have been willing to donate for Eric and Kent's fines this year; this is an infinitely more worthwhile cause!

Should you need/want to call me with any questions or assistance, please don't hesitate. My number is 725-3631 (home), or 528-2191 (work).

Of course, no income tax receipts will be issued, as this is strictly intended to be set up as a goodwill offering.

We need to fundraise to be able to send Chris, his Mom, and Chris' nurse to the game. My ballpark estimate is about $10,000.

Any monies over and above what is needed will be refunded to those who made donations (unless you instruct me otherwise), and any left over money that I cannot trace back to the original contributors will be held for a period of time in the account and then donated to a charitable organization (ie. - Canadian Cancer Society).

Rider pride and the good people of Saskatchewan will make this a reality.
Rider Fans - We Walk Among You!

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