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Hey Bay Street---Meet Main Street

CFL commissioner Marc Cohon said a couple of weeks ago that this year's Grey Cup would be a green Grey Cup--or an environmentally friendly Grey Cup. Message to Mr. Cohon...this indeed will be a green Grey Cup because the Rider Nation is ready to invade the self proclaimed center of the universe. It makes one wonder if the National Guard is ready. I wonder if Toronto even realizes what it is in for. Yonge Street will be awash in green. The Rider Nation will be everywhere you look. I wonder if the CN Tower will have a Rider flag flying atop it before the week is over. Add to that that the Bomber faithful will be bringing in their finest as well and this should be a Grey Cup to remember. Rider fans have always made their presence be known at the Grey Cup festivities and now that their team is in the game, it should only add to the allure. Toronto might think the best thing to come out of Saskatchewan was Wendel Clark but they might change their minds after next week. Are you ready??? I am.


Over an hour after the game

Over an hour after the game was over, I could hear honking, and saw a flag waver driving down 13th St. in Regina! Toronto is going to be awash in green.

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