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Mitchell Blair

He may not always 'Bleed Green', but he's always brutally honest - never afraid to speak his mind. Mitchell is passionate about the game, and after covering the team since he was old enough to hold a microphone, he's now hangs out with Drew Remenda every night getting paid to do what he's become so good at... having an opinion.

What A Day.....What A Night!!!

So hows your ticker Rider Nation....have you got any nails left. The Riders beat the Stampeders but they let Calgary hang around way too long in a game that had everyone on the edge of their seat whether they be inside the stadium or on their couch. Riders vice-chair Doug Rogers maybe summed up the mood of the day the best before the game when he said "Its like I'm a kid on Christmas morning and I see my present under the tree but I'm afraid to open it".

The Grey Cup Combatants Will Be

Reaper Relishes Another Shot at the Lions

1:11 minutes (555.96 KB)

Reggie Hunt had a great night in helping keep Henry Burris and the Stampeder offence silent for much of the night. He says it was a real battle and that he can't wait to play the Lions next weekend....

A Great Evening

3:35 minutes (1.64 MB)

GM Eric Tillman says it was a great evening for the organization and he is very proud of his team as they  get ready for the Western final......

Giving Credit To the Opposition

3:49 minutes (1.75 MB)

Riders coach Kent Austin says the Stampeders really made his team work for the win and he gave them a lot of credit after the game......

DJ Flick Is In Unchartered Territory

1:58 minutes (928.61 KB)

DJ Flick says he is having the time of his life with the ride his team is on and he hopes it continues for a couple of more weeks. Flick talks about that and his touchdown on the first play of scrimmage that sent the Riders on their way to a Western semi-final victory....

Is this Goodbye???

7:02 minutes (3.22 MB)

Calgary coach Tom Higgins was very contrite when not only talking about his football team and its chances on Sunday but his future. As you know, Higgins is said to be out in Calgary with John Hufnagel taking over.

W2W4-The WSF Edition

Good morning Rider Nation and welcome to a day you have been waiting for for 19 years. Today is the day you see your football team in a home playoff game. Will it be like 1988 or will this team move on to Vancouver for the Western final. Here's what I'll watch for on Western Semi Final Sunday

Life Without Wes

6:21 minutes (2.19 MB)

Kent Austin assures the Rider nation his offence will keep on rolling even without Wes Cates.

Higgins Deserves Better

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