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Mitchell Blair

He may not always 'Bleed Green', but he's always brutally honest - never afraid to speak his mind. Mitchell is passionate about the game, and after covering the team since he was old enough to hold a microphone, he's now hangs out with Drew Remenda every night getting paid to do what he's become so good at... having an opinion.

You Won't Walk Alone Kerry

1:34 minutes (552.39 KB)

Kerry Joseph knew he was going to Toronto for Grey Cup week but he wanted his team there with him and he's got his wish

Words from the Prez

8:42 minutes (9.96 MB)

Rider president and CEO Jim Hopson was on News Talk Radio shortly after the Western final to talk to me about the game, the season and the one hurdle that is left....

Will You Be In Toronto On Grey Cup Sunday

Toronto Bound

The Riders are off to the Grey Cup. They beat the BC Lions 26-17 at BC Place to earn their first berth in the CFL championship since the 1997 season when they were beaten by the Toronto Argonauts. Their opponent in this year's game will be the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Bombers upset the Argos in the East final.

W2W4-The Western Final

Get any sleep last nite Rider fans. Is all that gear with the beloved /=S=/ clean and ready to go. It will be a day to remember and I think it will be a game to remember. I have said it on radio shows in Vancouver, Edmonton and my own this week---this will be a better game no matter who wins than the Grey Cup. These are the two best teams in the CFL and this will be a great football game. In the end, I'm hoping Kent Austin and crew are off to T-O for the Grey Cup but here's what I'll watch for.


The Coach's Thoughts On The Eve of The Western Final

6:44 minutes (6.16 MB)

Here's what kent Austin is saying about his football team as it gets ready for what they hope is their 2nd last game of the year....

Two Good Old Italian Boys Go At One Another

7:59 minutes (7.32 MB)

The Lions pre=game news conference today was highlighted by quite the exchange between Lions coach Wally Buono and Roughrider radio game analyst Carm Carteri.

Here's the 46 Man Roster

QB: Joseph, Crandell, Durant
RB: Holmes, Ranek, Cates, Szarka, Hughes
OL: Makowsky, Smith, O'Day, Abou Mechrek, Jones, Parenteau, Frenette, Best
WR: Grant, Flick, Palmer, Fantuz, Hoffart, Hill, Murphy
DL: Perry, Jones, Schultz, Adams, Mullinder, Chick
LB: Hunt, McKenzie, McCullough, Lloyd, Chernawski, Lucas, Carter
DB: Justin, Kornegary, Davis, Gordon, Clovis, Frazier, Johnson, Robinson
K/P: Boreham, Congi


Interesting to note that Cates is on the 46 man roster. I guess you've got all winter to heal right.

Tillman's Health Should Concern Many Of Us

It was late Friday on the Drew Remenda Sports Show when word came down that Eric Tillman had spent Thursday night in hospital with chest pains. After finishing the show, I knew Eric would likely be in his office(WHERE HE SHOULDN"T HAVE BEEN) so I got some comments from him. While he was joking about the situation, he was also very serious at times. He acknowleges his diet is not what it should be for a 50 year old man and that he must start eating better. That is something we should all be looking at.

Health Scare For Eric Tillman

Riders general manager Eric Tillman is not with the football team in Vancouver. He is back at home after doctors ordered him not to travel with the team following an overnight stay at the General Hospital. Tillman was working in his office Thursday night when he started experiencing chest pains. He was taken to hospital for tests. Tillman says he is suffering from a condition that can be dealt with during the off-season and that he is fine.

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