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Mitchell Blair

He may not always 'Bleed Green', but he's always brutally honest - never afraid to speak his mind. Mitchell is passionate about the game, and after covering the team since he was old enough to hold a microphone, he's now hangs out with Drew Remenda every night getting paid to do what he's become so good at... having an opinion.

Who Will the Riders Miss the Most in 2008

Tillman Defends Joseph Trade

16:54 minutes (7.74 MB)

Rider GM Eric Tillman is not the most popular man in Saskatchewan after the trade of Kerry Joseph. Tillman met the Regina media March 5 to discuss the deal and rationalize it.....

Tillman Says Continuity Is Huge

7:31 minutes (3.44 MB)

Rider GM Eric Tillman is glad to have the head coach search over and believes the Rider Nation will soon fine that Ken Miller is an older version of Kent Austin.

The Thoughts of Ken Miller

5:01 minutes (2.3 MB)

Ken Miller is now the 27th head coach in Rider history. Moments after he was named the new coach, he took time out to talk to me about how life will now be different....

Its Miller Time!!

18:15 minutes (8.36 MB)

II know that headline is cheesy, but if f you missed it earlier today. here is the press conference in which Ken Miller is named head coach.

The Naming of Ken Miller As Head Coach To You Is

One Last One on One With Coach Austin

5:04 minutes (1.74 MB)

Kent Austin explains his decision to go and tells the Rider Nation not to worry because the football team is in good hands.....

Scott Schultz Understands What Kent Austin Has Done

3:45 minutes (1.29 MB)

The creator of the Moose Jaw stomp is in full support of Kent Austins move home. Schultz says being home is something special.

Talking About The Developments of The Day

The big story in Saskatchewan is obviously the decision by Kent Austin to move on to his almamater. It will dominate tonight's Drew Remenda Sports Show. GM Eric Tillman will join us at 6. You will also hear a one on one interview I conducted with Austin. We will obviously be looking for your reaction as well. Talk to you tonight gang!!!

Austin Says Goodbye Pt 3

9:21 minutes (3.21 MB)

The final few moments of Wednesday's press conference announcing Kent Austin's move to Ole Miss....

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