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In The Raw

Do you know how much tape we record during Riders season? (Okay, so it's not really tape anymore since we use these new digital recording decks, but you get the picture.) Hours upon hours of interviews, scrums, news conferences, guys ducking questions, telling us they'll give it 110%, well... you get the picture.

All that work... only to use about 10 or 15 seconds of primo sound bite during Morrison's morning sports. It seems like such a waste, really.

Enter In the Raw. This is the place where we dump all the tape we collect throughout the season. Some of it's golden. Some of it... well... you know. But hey, you're a die-hard Rider fan, right? You're looking for the inside scoop! So here it is, warts and all.

One Last One on One With Coach Austin

5:04 minutes (1.74 MB)

Kent Austin explains his decision to go and tells the Rider Nation not to worry because the football team is in good hands.....

Scott Schultz Understands What Kent Austin Has Done

3:45 minutes (1.29 MB)

The creator of the Moose Jaw stomp is in full support of Kent Austins move home. Schultz says being home is something special.

It Will Be Different This Winter

3:07 minutes (1.08 MB)

Jeremy O'Day says the off-season will be a little different now seeing he won't have to answer the one question that everyone asks him when he tours the province.

Wrapping It Up

20:47 minutes (7.14 MB)

Kent Austin officially met the Regina media for one last time in 2007 to reflect back and look ahead. This will take a while but enjoy....

Kerry Tears Up

1:49 minutes (857.59 KB)

An emotional Kerry Joseph describes the high of almost 10 thousand fans braving -30 windchill to chant "MVP!"

Schultz Locker Room Celebration

3:03 minutes (1.4 MB)

The creator of the Moose Jaw stomp relishes becoming a part of Grey Cup history.

James Johnson Postgame

2:43 minutes (1.25 MB)

James Johnson just moments after his MVP performance!

The Reaper Ready to Pounce

3:07 minutes (1.43 MB)

Reggie Hunt is trying really really hard to stay in his regular routine.

KJ Knows What Really Matters

2:18 minutes (1.06 MB)

Kerry Joseph's visit with a group of Saskatchewan cancer patients puts it all in perspective.

Cates Feels Good

5:37 minutes (2.57 MB)

Wes Cates assures Mitchell Blair his foot will be frozen and ready to go for Sunday.

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