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CFL Suspends Jimenez

Heres the edict from the league office

The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that it has imposed a one-game suspension on offensive lineman Jason Jimenez of the B.C. Lions for Rough Play on an illegal block on defensive lineman Anthony Gargiulo of the Calgary Stampeders during the Saturday, November 3 game at B.C. Place Stadium.  This decision was determined following an extensive review process that included a formal hearing.

Through the CFL-CFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, each CFL player has the right to have a disciplinary decision of the Commissioner reviewed by an independent arbitration process. The CFL has yet to be informed if Mr. Jimenez has elected to pursue his rights under this process.

Pre-game warm-up

This was our group

Tailgate Party BC game

We decked out a 5-ton rental truck for the BC game.

Western semi-final

Let the Celebration Begin!

As my wife and I were lucky to get tickets when they went on sale to the public, this moment of celebration could not have been any sweeter!

Defense at Work.

The Rider defense played an outstanding game and to all you people worried about the defense - are you still worried now?

Offense on a Roll!

An offensive play lead by league MVP (or at least should be) Kerry Joseph.

The Coin Toss

A critical moment in any football game. It must have been fate because the Riders won and were off to a great start!

Getting Ready for the Riders!

This picture is of the Rider cheerleaders and others awaiting our beloved Riders.

New Screensaver Anyone?????

4 Minutes of Gold

Many CFL writers have been doing blogs for their daily paper. You may see the outstanding one that my good friends Rob Vanstone and Darrell Davis have for the Regina Leader-Post. Another good one is from Mike Petrie of the Calgary Herald. He shot a video of the scene immediately following the final gun of what it was like on field level. Enjoy!!!!!

PS: I have had several people tell me that on the CBC broadcast, there is a shot of Henry Burris snubbing yours truly for an interview as he was walking off the field. Does anyone have that and if so can they pass it down the line or let me know how to see it. Oh yeah, just so you know Hank was not being rude, he just wanted to do it inside instead of staying on the field. Seeing they had lost, I can't blame him.



I Recognize Those Guys

When you are watching the highlights of the WSF and you see DJ Flick speeding down the sidelines, take a look at who is standing on the sidelines right by the goal-line. C'mon Jim, c'mon least borrow some pom-poms from the cheer team if you're going to do that. :)

What A Day.....What A Night!!!

So hows your ticker Rider Nation....have you got any nails left. The Riders beat the Stampeders but they let Calgary hang around way too long in a game that had everyone on the edge of their seat whether they be inside the stadium or on their couch. Riders vice-chair Doug Rogers maybe summed up the mood of the day the best before the game when he said "Its like I'm a kid on Christmas morning and I see my present under the tree but I'm afraid to open it". Even Riders communications man extraordinaire Ryan Whippler admitted to being nervous about this one and when he says that, you know it must be big to have the seemingly unflappable Whippler concerned.

You could feel the excitement from the time you got close to Taylor Field and when the Riders were introduced, you knew you were in for something special. The 28-thousand 800 seemed like a 100 thousand making life miserable for Henry Burris and the Calgary offence which they did. Being on the field after the game talking to guys like Reggie Hunt and Luca Congi while the fans continued to scream on with the confetti flowing was something never before seen by this reporter while covering games on the Taylor Field turf. A couple of years ago I found myself not wanting to leave the playing surface at Olympic Stadium after the Eastern semi-final because it was so surreal and for the first time in my memory, I did not want to leave the playing surface and head into the tunnel to get more postgame reaction because of the scene that was playing out in the crowd. We had all waited 19 years for this and we soaked in as much of it as we could and then some. It was indeed a magical few hours spent on a Sunday afternoon at Saskatchewan's football shrine. I KNOW everyone enjoyed themselves-----but it was a rollercoaster ride wasn't it.



The pre-game party is in the attached photo, and a video summary of the half-time show and final plays can be found at

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