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Tillman Defends Joseph Trade

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  • Title: Tillman Mar 5
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Rider GM Eric Tillman is not the most popular man in Saskatchewan after the trade of Kerry Joseph. Tillman met the Regina media March 5 to discuss the deal and rationalize it.....

Tillman Says Continuity Is Huge

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  • Title: Tillman INTVW
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Rider GM Eric Tillman is glad to have the head coach search over and believes the Rider Nation will soon fine that Ken Miller is an older version of Kent Austin.

The Thoughts of Ken Miller

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Ken Miller is now the 27th head coach in Rider history. Moments after he was named the new coach, he took time out to talk to me about how life will now be different....

Its Miller Time!!

II know that headline is cheesy, but if f you missed it earlier today. here is the press conference in which Ken Miller is named head coach.

One Last One on One With Coach Austin

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  • Title: AustinMitch
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Kent Austin explains his decision to go and tells the Rider Nation not to worry because the football team is in good hands.....

Scott Schultz Understands What Kent Austin Has Done

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  • Title: Schultz INTVW
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The creator of the Moose Jaw stomp is in full support of Kent Austins move home. Schultz says being home is something special.

Talking About The Developments of The Day

The big story in Saskatchewan is obviously the decision by Kent Austin to move on to his almamater. It will dominate tonight's Drew Remenda Sports Show. GM Eric Tillman will join us at 6. You will also hear a one on one interview I conducted with Austin. We will obviously be looking for your reaction as well. Talk to you tonight gang!!!

Austin Says Goodbye Pt 3

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  • Title: Austin Pt 3
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The final few moments of Wednesday's press conference announcing Kent Austin's move to Ole Miss....

Austin Says Goodbye Pt 2

Part 2 of Kent's farewell news conference...

Kents Farewell Address

Kent Austin has taken the offensive co-ordinators job at his almamater but he leaves Saskatchewan with a heavy heart. Austin and Tillman were front and center in the Rider dressing room Wednesday morning to announce his move to Ole Miss and what the future holds. Its a large chunk of tape so I've broken it into three sections. Here's Part 1......

Kent Austin...

We're Baaaaaack!

With news of Kent Austin's departure from the team coming today, we've re-opened the Green Zone in the off-season so you can talk football.  (Go figure... Rider talk in January!)

Comments are re-enabled!

Raw audio from the news conference coming soon from our Mitchell Blair!

And a poll question to boot!


- John Himpe
The Green Zone

Chris Knox Passes Away

Some sad news to report this morning.  The 24 Hour Newscentre has confirmed that Chris Knox passed away last night.  Knox had been fighting a battle with brain cancer.

Chris' story captivated all of us when at the Labour Day Classic, Rider Mike McCullough sprang Chris and his father from the stands at Mosaic Stadium and brought them in to the fold to celebrate the Rider's Labour Day victory.

Then just last month, a grassroots campaign was mobilized to get Chris and his family to the Grey Cup to see the Riders beat the Blue Bombers.

All of us here at News Talk Radio send our condolences to Chris' family.

Brendan McGuire Leaves News Talk Radio

This week, we're saying farewell to a member of the News Talk team, and we thought you should know the whole story.

Brendan McGuire is leaving News Talk Radio to pursue educational goals which reach far beyond the borders of radio.

Brendan has been a key member of our News Talk sports team over the last two years.  He's covered the Riders, been part of the driving force behind The Green Zone online, and brought a decidedly different approach to sports broadcasting.  Balancing being a fan and being a reporter is tough... he has managed to ask tough questions when he needed to, and get caught up in the game of it all when the time was right.  

However, Brendan has decided that it's time to turn the page and start a new chapter in his life, pursuing higher education and new opportunities.

We wish him well in everything he does and we will miss him around the station.

It's the Off-Season

Hey gang!

Wanted to post up a note to let you know about what will be happening with The Green Zone during the off-season.

This Friday, we will be disabling commenting on the site for the winter since relatively dorment websites can be huge magnets for blog spam and the like... so we want to make sure there are no web robots making use of our space.

Also over the winter, we'll be pulling apart The Green Zone and rebuilding it... you know the old story... 'we have the technology.  We can make it better than it was.  Better... stronger... faster.'  As a result, the site will likely be down for some time, but we will be coming back for the 2008 season!

If you have any ideas for The Green Zone, send them to me.  I'm always interested to hear what people would like to see in the site, and the concepts you'd like to see integrated.

Thanks for your participation this year, and all the best of the upcoming holiday season!


John Himpe
News Talk Radio
[email protected]

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