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Tonight we will watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders play for the first time without 96.

And though it will be odd to see the defensive line without Scott Schultz.

Think about how tough it will be for Schultz himself.

Schultz showed his Rider pride game in game out.

And for the first time in nine years he will watch the Riders as a fan.

Schultz admitted how tremendously difficult it will be to watch this game no longer helping out his teammates on the field.

So tonight, when you sit in front of the tube with your nachos and beer and your thinking how strange it is to see the Riders without #96.

It'll be 100 times worse for the man himself.

But it will feel a lot better if his request comes through and his former mates go out and beat those "fat-sassy pigs" in B.C.



"It'll be 100 times worse

"It'll be 100 times worse for the man himself."

If it was that bad I don't think he would have left the team high and dry 5 games into the season.

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