Riders At Turning Point/Tillman To Eskimos

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Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Ken Miller is pointing the finger directly at himself after the team's 31-2 loss in Winnipeg.

And rightfully so, because this is now Ken Miller's Saskatchewan Roughriders. He was hired as the top dog in terms of the football operations as the VP and he hired his general manager, Brendan Taman. Miller has the final say.

And now Miller has a lot of hard decisions to make.

How long is the leash of Darian Durant? The Riders unquestioned number one hasn't thrown a touchdown pass since the fourth quarter against B.C. back on August 12th. A full month, three games and zero touchdown passes shows the lack of pop the offence has been experiencing.

In no way is this a pro-Ryan Dinwiddie comment. Durant should get every start for the Roughriders this season but going into the fourth quarter in a 24-2 game, isn't there a pretty good argument to be made that Dinwiddie should get some meaningful reps in game action, just in case something goes very bad later in the season. And if not just get Durant on the sideline to take a look, how about to have Durant on the sideline for safety reasons as the Roughriders pivot was getting his share of hits on Sunday.

Then we come to high priced return man Dominique Dorsey who has certainly lost whatever it was he had that made him so dynamic in recent years. Dorsey has shown no reason to keep the title as the Riders return specialist after Sunday's performance and that's another tough decision for Miller, who admits to requesting his G.M. to chase Dorsey in free agency.

Can Miller swallow his pride and try something new or will he keep the status quo and not hold Dorsey to the same accountability as he did with young punter Louie Sakoda earlier in the season?

The other big problem right now for the Riders is the offensive line. The cagey veterans are starting to look their age for the first time in their hall of fame careers. But not much can be done to the offensive line until Joel Bell is healthy enough to practice. Until then, the five men that have held the fort will continue to try and protect Durant.

Ken Miller will now try and turn the team into a contender again and he deserves all of the credit or all of the blame depending on how this season ends.


The word is out. Eric Tillman will be the General Manager of the Edmonton Eskimos.

It is a great hire for the Eskimos after they get beyond the first few weeks with a minority of Eskimos fans who strongly oppose hiring Tillman based on his guilty plea in a Regina court last January. However, most fans understand how the judge and the family of the victim feel about Tillman's future, believing he should have kept his job with the Roughriders.

First order of business for Tillman in Edmonton is talent assessment. He is in the same spot as he was with the Roughriders when he took over for Roy Shivers, except the talent in Edmonton is a lot worse than it was in Saskatchewan. He won't like what he sees but nobody doubts his ability to find players that fit the Canadian game.

I would be afraid if I was one of the veterans on that team with Inflated salaries because Tillman won't be afraid to make enemies if it means improving not only the talent but the cap hit.

Also the fate of Richie Hall is in Tillman's hands. Looking back at 2008, he didn't hire Richie Hall as head coach, going with Ken Miller instead, so Hall may have the same fate as Danny Barrett after the 2006 season.

It's going to be very interesting to see how Eskimo and Rider fans react to this news.

I won't waver on my stance that Tillman's resignation was the right move for the Tillman family and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Are the Riders better without Tillman, no. But to keep Tillman in an organization that wasn't all in favour of keeping him, would not have been a healthy scenario for Saskatchewan.



He was not good enough to work for the Riders but is good enough to work for Edmonton. I guess Saskatchewan's upstanding morals and values are not felt the same elswhere.What a joke. Will he be interviewed on your talkshow. I would love to hear ET talk to Remenda, he always managed to go toe to toe with him. Good hire EE, bad decision Riders.

Riders at turning point

A few weeks ago i said there was not reason to panic after the edmonton loss. Now there might be. There seems to be a shift in the attidude of the Riders. "its okay to lose" Kent austin would not have accepted this. There is a problem with the Riders right now. My question is: "Is there a team chemistry problem with the riders, they don't seem to be playing for each other right now?" When you let your QB get hammered like that, it seems obvious there is a problem.

How long is the leash, you

How long is the leash, you have got to be kidding! The O line is not doing their job at all. Typical blame the qb opinion.


"the O line is not doing their job at all."
Absolutely right. I have strainers that hold more water. The D-line isn't overpowering either.
Typical blame the qb opinion.
Huh? He went out of his way not to blame a man who hasn't thrown a TD in a month... How many other QB's can you say that about, no matter how bad the o-line?? Did you see that flip in the air that got szarka laid out? Why was that inbounds at all?
Lets go back to TD's... since game 2... 6 td's.... and 14 interceptions. And if you are counting he has hit the hands of a defender too surprised that the ball was thrown to him to catch it atleast another 14. I don't care how bad your o-line is. Plain and simple that is bad decision making!
At the very least Miller should have sat him a few plays in each of the last 3 games to get a different perspective and be able to watch for holes in the D from the sideline instead of his back. And beyond that 5 interceptions in the last 3 games, barely 200 yards a game and an average completion precentage in the 50's.... he's 9th in the league today (after a pretty good start). That should earn the Backup a few reps to give the opposing teams defense a different look for atleast a few plays.
I hope Durant starts against Calgary. But if we are down 30 points at the end of the second quarter... I hope the other guy gets a chance to do a little too.

Riders at Turning Point

Jamie - I believe you missed one issue with the troubled offence. That is the person in charge of the offence - the offensive coach. Last season, the offence seemed to be aimed around the talents of Double D by using his strengths. It appears that this is not the philosophy this season and it is starting show. Granted the O-line is struggling, but part of this is the fact that the play selection has not been to the strengths of the Riders. Make the coach more accountable - there is a reason why he was fired from his last position. The pressure is clearly on the coach to get this ship turned around.


Have not agreed with you all year, but you are right on this one. Durant should have seen some pine by now.

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