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Mitchell Blair's blog

Its Game Night

For the first time since the Western final loss in Vancouver, the new look Riders take to the field for the first time in 2007 as they go back to Vancouver. I gotta be honest here...I couldn't care less about this game when it comes to what happens. The score is secondary tonight. What is the primary focus for Kent Austin is evaluation and there are many he must get a good look at. There are many, many battles that are a long ways from being decided and the guys who are in the running must show they are capable of being a CFL'er or not. Individual stats also mean nothing.

An All-Rookie Game???

I wasn't part of the conversation but Kent Austin was asked by a couple of members of the Regina media today about his thoughts on the pre-season. Austin, as I think any coach would say, believes a two game pre-season is far too short because its tough to get a good solid evaluation on potential players---players that need to see significant game action for coaches to see if they are good enough or not. The question was asked if an all-rookie game should be played---a game that would basically serve as a 3rd exhibition game. I say why not if it can be done??

Just A Question

Now that Carl Kidd has retired, who gets the honour of being the CFL's biggest mouthpiece. Who's the quote machine now. Is it Scott Schultz?? Is it one of those cocky Calgary receivers or is it someone else?

Feeling The Heat

As the 2007 season begins, many players are feeling pressure but I think you might agree with me when I say Saskatchewan's once loved quarterback who let the Rider Nation down two years ago may be feeling it the most.

Hope you've got your tickets

I gotta admit. It would seem as if Toronto is embracing the 2007 Grey Cup and everything that surrounds the game. Check out this article from the CFL's website. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun and even moreso if a certain football team that wears Green and White can be there....


Who Will I Be Watching??

Rookie camp starts Wednesday and like many of you I can't wait. Yes, I am passionate about the NFL and get very excited when training camps start south of the border but I am excited at seeing the CFL and more importantly the beloved Green and White. Rookie camp starts Wednesday at Mosaic Stadium and besides seeing the new turf, I do have a few guys I want to get a look at. So in no particular order here you go

Huh?? What??

So I'm watching my daughters ball game when the cellphone rings and its the rich girls lover, poor girls dream Nigel Maxwell from the Newstalk 980 newsroom telling me the Riders have made a trade. He had to tell it to me three times and I am still left scratching my head. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Eric Tillman bemoan the fact he didn't have a first round pick in the 2007 draft. If I am correct with that, then I wonder why he is giving up a 2008 first round pick in a deal today that gets relative unknowns Henri Childs and Brian Jones.

On The Bubble

OK, you know there will be a couple of veterans that will not make the cut at 2007 camp. It happens every year so it won't be a surprise when we hear that a veteran of the Riders is not on the 2007 team but who could that player or players be. I'm going to give you two names and then you can debate it if you wish.

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