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Upon Further Review

Some of you might recall hearing yours truly spouting off in a Drew Remenda Sports Show round-table this week that the arrival of Drew Tate would spell doom for all other rookie quarterbacks hoping to stick around past the final cutdown date. Well upon further review, I have been swayed to agree with the likes of Mitchell Blair, Warren Woods and Rob Vanstone that it's not quite that simple. Barring injury I still have no doubt the depth chart on the active roster will read in order of Kerry Joseph, Marcus Crandell and Drew Tate.

Hope Kerry's Running Shoes are Ready!(Cuz He's Gonna Need Em)

Like just about every-one else, I'm excited about the new regime and what it has to offer but I'm also scared about something which could sink this team in '07. The hoggies! This offensive line has been ripped apart and is being re-built in a sudden jolt which could prove to be a fatal blow. Guards Fred Childress(retired) and Andrew Greene(salary dump) along with tackle Charles "O-Lay!" Thomas(salary dump) are gone. That's 3 starters! 60 percent of the O-line, GONEZO!

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