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CFL Power Rankings After Week 10

posted by Jamie Nye
September 7th, 2010

Labour Day Weekend has come and gone and the home team fans of the three traditional classics left the park happy and some teams are making moves toward the playoffs.

Here's how they sit going into Week 11.

Time For A Rider Reality Check

posted by Jamie Nye
September 1st, 2010

The loss against the Edmonton Eskimos has tipped the scales of confidence in Rider Nation. All of a sudden the offensive playbook needs to be burned, the quarterback is no longer a hero and the special teams are dreadful.

The way I see it, only one of those things is true.

But to calm you, the fans, nerves let's take a trip back to memory lane.

Trust me, it won't hurt. Its only 365 days.

CFL Power Rankings After Week 8/9

posted by Jamie Nye
August 30th, 2010

Hope everybody had a great summer, well that is until that game on Saturday night! WOW, that better be the worst game the Roughriders play this season because if it isn't, I can't imagine watching anything much worse than that. Yes, the Riders got pummeled by the Stampeders a few weeks ago, but at least the Stampeders showed up to play. The Eskimos were their usual shoot themselves in the foot football team and the Riders found a way to be worse, which cost the Riders another spot.


CFL Power Rankings After Week 7

posted by Jamie Nye
August 17th, 2010

The Canadian Football League is now officially a class system: Upper Class (Montreal, Calgary, Saskatchewan and Toronto), Middle Class (Hamilton and Winnipeg) and a Lower Class (Edmonton and B.C.).

I imagine grouping them together like that isn't a good enough power ranking is it?

Without further ado:

Premier's Picks Week 7

posted by Jamie Nye
August 11th, 2010

Here we are for another week. Drew Remenda went four for four, Premier struggled and I was average.

Here's how we see the CFL going into Week 7.

Premier Wall (16-8) Saskatchewan - Winnipeg - Montreal - Calgary

Drew Remenda (15-9) - Saskatchewan - Hamilton - Montreal - Calgary

Jamie Nye (12-12) - Saskatchewan - Hamilton - Montreal - Calgary

Matchups: Thursday, B.C. (1-5) @ Saskatchewan (4-2); Friday, Hamilton (2-4) @ Winnipeg (2-4); Saturday, Montreal (5-1) @ Toronto (4-2); Sunday, Edmonton (1-5) @ Calgary (5-1)


CFL Power Rankings After Week 6

posted by Jamie Nye
August 10th, 2010

Here's how I see the teams setting up through the first third of the season.

Premier's Picks Week 6

posted by Jamie Nye
August 5th, 2010

Well Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall continues to show up Drew and I.

Premier Wall is 14-6 after five weeks of the season, going a perfect 4/4 in week five.

Week 6 Picks

Premier Brad Wall (14-6) - Saskatchewan - Edmonton - Hamilton - Calgary

Drew Remenda (11-9) - Montreal - Toronto - Hamilton - Calgary

Jamie Nye (9-11) - Montreal - Edmonton - Hamilton - Calgary

Week Six match-ups: Friday - Saskatchewan (4-1) @ Montreal (4-1), Toronto (3-2) @ Edmonton (1-4), Saturday - Winnipeg (2-3) @ Hamilton (1-4), Calgary (4-1) @ B.C. (1-4)

Billboard Proves 13th Man Not Going Away

posted by Jamie Nye
August 4th, 2010

The Edmonton Eskimos have thrown gasoline on the rivalry between them and the Roughriders. They have placed a billboard outside Commonwealth Stadium promoting the August 28th matchup between the two Western Rivals.

What do you think Rider Nation? Is the too many men penalty just good fun or is this below the belt? Personally, I think the Riders had it coming with the billboards they've been putting up outside Commonwealth.

I wonder what the Roughrider players will think of this?

CFL Power Rankings After Week 5

posted by Jamie Nye
August 3rd, 2010

A long weekend during Roughrider season was nice, especially with the weather on Saturday and Sunday holding up in Regina. Riders win... do they move up from 2b last week?

Team Power Rankings

Premier's Picks Week 5

posted by Jamie Nye
July 29th, 2010

The season continues and the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, continues to lead the pack for Premier's Picks (heard every Wednesday at 6:05 on Sports Night).

Here are the picks for Week 5.

Premier Brad Wall (10-6) - Montreal - Edmonton - Saskatchewan - Calgary

Drew Remenda (8-8) - Montreal - B.C. - Saskatchewan - Calgary

Jamie Nye (8-8) - Montreal - Edmonton - Saskatchewan - Winnipeg

Last week's winner was Tom, who picked Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg correctly but 3/4 was enough to lead the pack.