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With or Without the Riders Grey Cup 2007 Will Be A Blast

14:40 minutes (5.88 MB)

If you didn't hear the GM of Grey Cup 2007 Brad Watters with me on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Friday night, you missed some of what will be without a doubt Canada's biggest party when everyone from across Canada converges on Toronto for Grey Cup week. Take a listen......

Kicking Back Somewhat On A Friday

4:47 minutes (1.92 MB)

Kent Austin decided his team needed a break today so the coach only put the squad through one workout instead of the usual two. His reasoning was simple. Hear that and what else Austin is thinking in his daily briefing with the Regina media.....

We Will See What The Riders Are Made Of

0:59 minutes (351.42 KB)

Turnovers Killed Us

2:47 minutes (982.8 KB)

Danny Maciocia says there is no doubt as to why his team did not win. Listen to what the Eskimo coach was saying after his team got beat by 40....

The Latest From Coach Austin

7:10 minutes (2.47 MB)

Coach Kent Austin lets us know what's wrong with receiver Mike Washington and brings us (and you) up to date on what is happening with his squad as they start a short week of preparation before heading to Vancouver Wednesday....

Ken Miller Talks About His Offence

11:46 minutes (4.04 MB)

If you didn't hear Rider offensive co-ordinator Ken Miller on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Tuesday night, here's your chance. (Sorry its taken so long to get the audio up---somedays its tough to find good help!!)

DJ Flick Is Ready For The Champs

3:09 minutes (1.09 MB)

DJ Flick feels his team is a better squad now than what they were when they played the Lions earlier this season.

Just Looking To Stay On A Roll

3:02 minutes (1.04 MB)

Like the rest of his Rider teammates, Scott Schultz isn't getting too high over the chance at having a 3 game win streak if they can get past the Argos on Friday.....

Kerry Joseph Feels Something Special Is Happening

9:22 minutes (3.22 MB)

He was a little late but thats OK. Drew and I had a great chat with Kerry Joseph about his season so far and that of his football team as they get ready to head into Toronto.

Rocky Returns

9:29 minutes (3.26 MB)

Rocky Butler didn't see much game time when he was with the Riders but he will be starting against his old team on Friday. Drew and I spoke to him 48 hours before his scheduled start to get his thoughts on Friday's tilt and his time as a Rider...

Tillman Talks About KK

6:06 minutes (2.1 MB)

I spoke with Eric Tillman on Wednesday about Kenton Keith and the chances of him sticking in Indianapolis with the Colts. Of course at the time, we both thought we would see KK on FOX when the Colts take on the Cowboys Thursday in an NFL pre-season game. That won't happen now because of an ankle injury Keith has.

(Mitch and Eric discuss strategy)

Wes Cates Is Loving Life As a Rider

9:21 minutes (3.22 MB)

The Rider running back was with Drew and I to talk about his life as a Rider and who the best Rider at Madden is. Take a listen.......

Whats Its Like Under the Pile??

5:08 minutes (1.77 MB)

When you are at the bottom of the pile with the football under you and many are on top of you trying to rip it away, your life can be in danger. Jeremy O' Day spoke with me about that and being on a football team that is capturing the imagination of seemingly all.

Get Ready for Retro Jerseys

12:30 minutes (4.3 MB)

Rider president and CEO Jim Hopson is grinning from ear to ear these days and why not. The football team is winning and Rider fans are snapping up tickets as Saturday's game against the Eskimos is sold out as is the Labour Day game against Winnipeg. I spoke with Hopson about the sellouts, a chance of putting in some more seats and yes, a retro jersey. You might not like what Hopson says about more seats but you'll like what he says about the retro jersey...

They're Not the Only Team Suffering From Injuries

10:55 minutes (3.75 MB)

Kent Austin is being forced to juggle his lineup for Saturday's game because of injuries. He says everyone looks at Edmonton's medical situation and wonders about them.....he says his team is even more battered than the Eskimos right now....

Life in the Trenches without Geno

1:55 minutes (677.44 KB)

It won't look the same for the next while with Gene Makowsky and his familiar #60 not on that Rider o-line. He's been there for the past 165 games after all. CTV's Lee(Don't call me Pacman) Jones and I cornered Jeremy O'Day to see how strange it will be for him and the rest of the line without Makowsky there.....

I'm the King!!!

4:22 minutes (1.5 MB)

On the Drew Remenda Sports Show this week, I asked Wes Cates who the best Madden player on the Riders was and his answer was a quick one...Reggie Hunt. So I asked Reggie about that today and get his thoughts on Saturday's game against the Eskimos...

Speaking Out on Saturday's TV Fiasco

4:59 minutes (1.71 MB)

Many people are not happy with what the CBC did Saturday night in not rejoining the Rider game after it resumed. CFL commissioner Marc Cohon was one of those people and he spoke with our John Gormley on John Gormley Live this morning....

Sunday's Deal Is Much More Than Corey Holmes

1:02 minutes (367.8 KB)

The Latest From the Desk of Eric Tillman

16:38 minutes (5.71 MB)

As promised, Rider GM Eric Tillman was gracious enough to give Drew and I some time Monday night on the DRSS to talk about Saturday night, the Corey Holmes trade and the future..

Welcome Home Corey!!!

2:46 minutes (977.44 KB)

Corey Holmes is once again a member of the Rider nation. Around 100-150 Rider fans welcomed Corey (and Chris Getzlaf) at the Regina airport Tuesday night. After signing many hats, jerseys and pictures, I managed to get a couple of minutes with him. He admits the reception he received left him a little emotional....

Get Yer Tickets Now!!!

8:27 minutes (2.9 MB)

If you aren't a season ticket holder and you are looking at getting to a Rider home game this year, you had better hurry up. Jim Hopson and I spoke on ticket sales and some other matters concerning the football team Wednesday afternoon.

Celebrating One Year on the Job

3:12 minutes (1.1 MB)

One year ago today Eric Tillman uttered the famous line "The S stands for Saskatchewan". Here are his thoughts on the job one year later.

The State of Officiating--From the CFL's Top Official

14:24 minutes (4.95 MB)

CFL officials are being scrutinized again this year for their work--perhaps a little more than usual. Drew and I spoke with CFL director of officiating George Black to get the league's stance on how the "zebras" are doing this year Monday night on the DRSS

Ready To Contribute Again

4:29 minutes (1.54 MB)

Gene Makowsky was a popular man after practice today as everyone wanted to chat with the big Saskatoon product. Makowsky was back with his teammates practicing as the team got back to work Tuesday after having the bye last weekend. Makowsky missed the Edmonton game with mononucleosis but as you'll hear, he's ready to get back on the field....

Back To Work

8:02 minutes (2.76 MB)

After a week off, the Riders were back on the field today to get ready for Sunday's Labour Day Classic. Kent Austin brings us up to speed on how the guys were looking, what the injury report looks like and his memories of Labour Day....

The R and R was Great!!!

2:17 minutes (805.09 KB)

Kerry Joseph was one of many Riders who got away during the week long break. He tells me he completely unplugged himself from the game but he is now plugged back in and ready for a second half that will as hopefully be as good as the first....

How To Utilize Corey

3:45 minutes (1.29 MB)

The main topic of discussion on Wednesday at Rider practice was Corey Holmes and how much he will be utilized on Sunday. Hear from coach Austin on that and other topics. By the way, Corey will be with Drew and I at 705 tonight.

What Makes Corey Holmes Tick????

14:39 minutes (5.03 MB)

He hasn't put on his #1 jersey for his 2nd stint with the football team but Corey Holmes is, was and always will be #1 with many Rider fans who were ecstatic upon his return to the team earlier this month. Drew and I caught up with him Wednesday to see how things are going in what has to be one of the best interviews with a Rider we have ever had. Take a listen.....

Wanting Back On The Field

3:26 minutes (1.18 MB)

Eddie Davis has a ways to go yet before he can get back on the active roster. In the meantime, he smiles over the way the secondary has played in his absence.

The Latest From Coach Austin

2:14 minutes (791.32 KB)

Perhaps one of the shorter media scrums with the coach today. He brings you up to date on Gene Makowsky's status and that another couple of starters are now hurt.

Reaper Ready for Roberts

2:29 minutes (879.33 KB)

Riders linebacker Reggie Hunt knows he will see a lot of Bomber running back Charles Roberts on Sunday and he's more than ready for the challenge.

Labouring On About Labour Day

5:15 minutes (1.8 MB)

Rider coach Kent Austin admits its hard not to get excited over what is going to happen on Sunday afternoon on the Taylor Field turf....

Labour Day Thoughts From the Voice of the Bombers

4:08 minutes (1.42 MB)

The legendary Bob Irving has been the voice of the Bombers for many years. He says its hard not to get excited over the Labour Day Classic and that Winnipeg is trying to make an event of the Bano Bowl as well.

Milt Stegall

3:20 minutes (1.15 MB)

If the great Milt Stegall is as sharp on the football field Sunday as he was when he got off the Bomber bus Saturday morning, the Riders are in trouble. (We needed Brendan to be snapping some pics on this one). He loves coming to Regina for this game--a game that has given him some highs and lows.

The Latest From Doug Berry

3:06 minutes (1.07 MB)

This will be Doug Berry's 2nd Labour Day as coach of the Bombers. He now knows what to expect. He also weighs in on whether this game should be played in Winnipeg one year as his predecessor Dave Ritchie wanted......

Kerry Joseph Discusses His Last Minute Heroics

2:24 minutes (3.29 MB)

I don't know if Kerry Joseph was the Gladiator of the Game on TSN but if he wasn't he should have been. Joseph threw for 348 yards and two touchdowns while running for 74 more--27 coming on that last minute game winning touchdown. #4 speaks about that play and yet another victory for his team.....

Nice To Be Home

2:34 minutes (3.53 MB)

Corey Holmes says his first game back with the Green and White was definitely one to remember.....

The Former Quarterback Marvels Over the Current Quarterback

8:39 minutes (2.97 MB)

Kent Austin couldn't say enough about the play of Kerry Joseph and the rest of his Rider teammates after Sunday's nailbiter. Hear what the coach had to say in his post-game address


3:49 minutes (1.31 MB)

Kerry Joseph is the offensive player of the week for the 2nd time this season after his game on Sunday. Before my batteries went dead on Wednesday, Joseph talked about the award and gives credit to those around him....

Whats on Matts Mind

13:51 minutes (4.76 MB)

Matt Dominguez joined Drew and I on the DRSS Wednesday night. If you missed it, check it out here.....

Defensive Problems Concern the Coach

5:38 minutes (1.94 MB)

The Riders have given up some big yards to Edmonton and Winnipeg despite posting victories. Head coach Kent Austin says their play has been worrisome. More on that and other items in today's briefing....

Short and Succinct

2:21 minutes (830.2 KB)

That pretty much describes the Friday exchange between coach Austin and the Regina media.....

Ready for the Rematch

3:18 minutes (1.14 MB)

Rider QB Kerry Joseph isn't sure if this weekend's game in Winnipeg will be a high flying offensive affair like the Labour Day Classic. Hear his thoughts going into the Banjo Bowl....

Confirming The Fears of Rider Fans

4:52 minutes (1.68 MB)

Rider coach Kent Austin has come out with the extent of that knee injury suffered to Matt Dominguez and the time they will be without him. Hear more on that and what else the coach was thinking as the team hit the practice field today for the first time after a loss--which has been a while.

Getting the "Yo"down from Mr. Murphy

3:55 minutes (1.35 MB)

With Matt Dominguez out of the lineup, Yo Murphy will be called upon to help pick up some of the slack. Big things were expected from Murphy in this his final year but an Achilles injury put him on the nine game injured list. He comes off that list in time for Saturday's game in Calgary. Get his thoughts.....

Wake-Up Call

2:18 minutes (812.44 KB)

For the first time since losing in Edmonton, the Riders hit the practice field trying to put a loss behind them. Was it any different out there...its a question I posed to Chunky Adams...

Find This Team Some Raid

5:49 minutes (7.99 MB)

The injury bug just continues to hit this football team. Coach Kent Austin talks about the latest injury.....

Richie Rips The D

4:52 minutes (1.67 MB)

Richie Hall wasn't holding back when asked about the play of his defence in recent weeks. Take a listen....

Have Faith

1:07 minutes (393.82 KB)

The Matt Dominguez injury is big---but it doesn't spoil what is happening

I Like What I've Seen

2:36 minutes (916.52 KB)

Nothing earth-shattering from Coach Austin in his last session with the Regina media before departing to Calgary but he was happy with what he saw from his guys in practice this week....

Laying It On the Line

11:47 minutes (4.05 MB)

Reggie Hunt says his defence deserved to get a strip torn off of them by Richie Hall earlier this week but he feels what happened in Winnipeg is the kick in the you know where the defence needed to smarten up. He was with me on the DRSS Thursday night. Take a listen.....

3 And A Half Minutes With 33

3:32 minutes (1.21 MB)

Chris Szarka loves playing games in Calgary and feels there will be a playoff like atmosphere when the Riders and Stampeders butt helmets tomorrow afternoon.

Not Happy!!!

6:47 minutes (2.34 MB)

Head coach Kent Austin was a little agitated on Wednesday in speaking with the Regina media. The coach thinks the "9 game injury list" rule is dumb.

Re-Establishing Our Roles

5:32 minutes (1.9 MB)

The review process that coach Kent Austin said would happen after the 22 point loss in Calgary was one topic of discussion at practice today. Hear what the coach is saying about the review and other things leading into Saturday's game against the Lions.....

We'll Be Fine

1:42 minutes (602.9 KB)

Scott Schultz isn't surprised by all the negative talk surrounding his football club over the past few days but he thinks this team is ready to get back playing Rider football in what is a big game Saturday night.

Richie Hall Talks About His Defence

13:44 minutes (4.72 MB)

Richie Hall says his defence must find its focus and its intensity again. We spoke on that and many other things about his beleaguered defence on Thursday's Drew Remenda Sports Show

First Place Showdown Just Another Game

7:40 minutes (2.64 MB)

Kent Austin says the pressure of out-gunning the Lions for top spot in the division will have no bearing on what happens at the ballpark tomorrow.

An Angry Austin

6:33 minutes (2.25 MB)

Kent Austin wasn't sugarcoating anything in the wake of the 37-34 loss to the Lions. Take a listen......

Tristan Clovis Knows He Made a Mistake

1:11 minutes (422.75 KB)

Tristan Clovis will seen as the goat for allowing Geroy Simon to get behind him for BC's game winning touchdown. He did not shy away after the game when questions were asked.....

Eric The Red

7:08 minutes (2.45 MB)

Rider GM Eric Tillman was fuming after Saturday's loss. It wasn't because of the way the game ended but what happened or what didn't happen after that 2nd quarter fight. Wray Morrison had a chance to speak with a frustrated E-T after...

I'll Ask the Question Again Coach!!!

0:20 minutes (121.83 KB)

The following is a post game exchange between myself and Kent Austin. Austin said his team is in need of some maturity especially on the defensive side of the ball which led me to ask what I did. First off, I think you all know that I am one who is solidly in favour of Kent Austin for he has helped turn the climate and the attitude of this football team around. He and Eric Tillman deserve a whole lot of credit for turning around this team in such a short time. However, I will disagree strongly with the coach on this assessment of his defence.

Sherko Speaks

0:57 minutes (337.49 KB)

Sherko Haji-Rasouli gives his side of the story as to what happened Saturday night to start that fight which has started a war of words between Eric Tillman and Wally Buono....

Changes on Defence

9:21 minutes (3.22 MB)

Rontarious Robinson and Tristan Clovis were practicing with the 2nd team unit at practice on Tuesday. It was those two who Geroy Simon got behind for his game winning touchdown on Saturday night. The two were replaced on the first team defence by Jermaine Chatman and Scott Gordon. As you will hear in coach Austin's daily briefing with the Regina media, the move at safety is something they were considering before the BC game

CFL Defends Tillman Suspension

12:50 minutes (11.75 MB)

Many people in Saskatchewan have been asking why exactly Rider GM Eric Tillman was fined 1-thousand dollars  by the league for his comments into Saturday's fight. Michael Copeland is the chief operating officer of the CFL and joined Drew and I Thursday night to explain.


Discussing His Dad

4:21 minutes (1.5 MB)

For those that don't know, Als running back Jarrett Payton is the son of legendary NFL running back Walter Payton. What's it like being the son of perhaps the greatest running back in football history and what are his thoughts leading into Saturday's  battle of 2nd place teams.

Ready to Resume the Chase for First

1:53 minutes (669.02 KB)

Andy Fantuz says confidence in the Rider dressing room has not wavered one bit during this three game losing streak. He says they are ready for Saturday's game against the Alouettes...

Returning Home

3:20 minutes (1.15 MB)

Scott Flory knows Saturday's game between the two will be a battle. He also shares what in his mind is Regina's best pizza..... 

PS: Perhaps Scott should go to Tumblers (or I should go to Sparky's)

The Forgotten Man

2:10 minutes (2.98 MB)

Kerry Joseph and Andy Fantuz will get a majority of the  headlines for their play but Wes Cates should get some as well. Cates caught 8 passes for 86 yards while running for 46. He says the fact he is so multi-dimensional just makes it tougher for the opposition defence to stop the Rider offence....

Two Minutes with Fred Perry

2:01 minutes (715.86 KB)

Fred Perry says his football team can't wait for Monday's game in Calgary after what happened the last time these two teams played.

Talking Szarka and Other Matters

12:16 minutes (4.22 MB)

Head coach Kent Austin says Chris Szarka is fortunate that the table saw accident he was involved in wasn't more severe. More on that and some other matters relating back to last Sunday's win over Hamilton can be heard by clicking on the link....

Back To Talking Football

3:27 minutes (1.19 MB)

Kent Austin wanted to get back to talking about what he is most comfortable with and that is the team's preparation for Sunday's game against Hamilton.

Just Having Fun

4:41 minutes (1.61 MB)

That's what Kerry Joseph is saying as the Riders get ready for the back half of the home and home against the Ti-Cats....

A Sit Down With Jamie Boreham

4:04 minutes (1.4 MB)

Gotta admit---I wasn't enamoured with the signing of Jamie Boreham when it was first announced. I didn't think it was that great of an upgrade. Once again, who am I to question Eric Tillman as I will proudly proclaim I was wrong on this one. Boreham hasn't had much attention this year but he has made some big plays and may have to make a couple more before the season is over. I spoke to him about the punting duties.....

My Chat With the Commish

13:05 minutes (4.5 MB)

If you missed it on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Friday night, here is my conversation with CFL commissioner Marc Cohon that took place Friday afternoon.

Second Is Nice But First is Better

7:29 minutes (2.57 MB)

Head coach Kent Austin says his team has crossed one giant hurdle in finishing no lower than second but he reminds everyone that first place isn't out of sight. Austin also discusses why he doesn't want to take a lot of credit for the success the team has had this year....

The Center of Attention

5:02 minutes (1.73 MB)

Jeremy O'Day talks about having a home playoff date and the reception his team will get when it takes to the field Sunday afternoon....

Former Rider Feels Good For His Old Team

3:35 minutes (1.23 MB)

Jason French returns to Taylor Field tomorrow wearing the jersey of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He knows what a home playoff game means to the Riders and their loyal fan base.

Slowly Re-Adjustng

4:17 minutes (1.47 MB)

The TiCats have their future hopes pinned on Casey Printers. He knows there's a lot of work to go to get this team to where his organization wants it and he feels its coming.

Don't Talk About Me---Talk About My Team

2:17 minutes (1.05 MB)


Kerry Joseph had another impressive afternoon in leading the Riders to their 4th straight win. He threw for 261 yards and a touchdown while running for two others. He has now thrown for almost 4-thousand yards and he has run for 13 touchdowns which is one away from tying the record for most TD's scored by a quarterback in a season. People are starting to talk about him as an Most Outstanding Player candidate. He reflects on that and his performance Sunday....

Doing What They Had To

8:02 minutes (3.68 MB)

Rider coach Kent Austin was very satisfied with the play of his team after a very eventful week....

MOP Nominee Credits Teammates and Coach For His Success

3:08 minutes (1.08 MB)

Kerry Joseph is deservedly the Rider choice as Most Outstanding Player and he has a solid chance at representing the West and perhaps winning the league award this year. The Rider quarterback says the individual honour is nice but his teammates and his coach are the reason behind his success this season.

Is It Freds Time Now

1:49 minutes (644.69 KB)

Some think Fred Perry should have won the CFL defensive player of the year award last year. The honour instead went to BC's Brent Johnson. Perry is once again nominated. He discussed whether the time has come for him to get his hands on the hardware this year when speaking about the nomination after Tuesday's practice....

Clarifying The Ticket Snafu

11:18 minutes (3.88 MB)

Many Rider fans wanting tickets to the November 11th Western Semi-Final were left out in the cold Monday and they aren't happy about that. Rider CEO Jim Hopson tried clarifying some matters on that with us on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Monday night.....

Explaining The Dance

3:25 minutes (1.17 MB)

We have all seen Corey Holmes' touchdown celebration. What is it called...what's behind it. I tried to get those answers....

Its Not Meaningless

2:09 minutes (758.87 KB)

Kerry Joseph says say what you will but Saturdays regular season finale against the Argonauts is not a meaningless football game for his team....

A Little Argo Chat With Mike Fletcher

5:26 minutes (1.87 MB)

Argos linebacker Mike Fletcher likes the way his team is playing and admits what we see tomorrow on the Taylor Field turf could be a Grey Cup preview......

Not Impressed

9:30 minutes (4.35 MB)

To the Rider nation Saturday's season finale against the Argos may have been a meaningless game but it wasn't to coach Kent Austin and he was not happy with the way his team finished the regular season.

Not Ready!!

1:53 minutes (883.92 KB)

DJ Flick says his team seemingly did not want to compete

A Little Pep Talk From the GM

13:07 minutes (4.51 MB)

Eric Tillman is confident that Saturday's performance against the Argos was an aberration and that the real Riders return Sunday in the Western semi-final. He discusses that and whether or not the team has exceeded expectations while visiting with us on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Tuesday night.....

Diffusing The Hype

3:08 minutes (1.08 MB)

Scott Schultz knows how big Sunday's game is but he says they can't get drawn into the hype....


3:31 minutes (1.21 MB)

The Rider Nation is scared of the secondary and whether or not Henry Burris can expose it Sunday afternoon. The leader of that secondary tries to calm the fears somewhat. Here's Eddie Davis.....

Mark Lee Says "Take The Riders"

4:49 minutes (2.21 MB)

I had the opportunity to sit down with the voice of the CFL on CBC--Mark Lee.  He talks about tomorrow's game --a game in which he sees the Riders winning---and what it will be like doing their last game for quite a while from Taylor Field seeing the league's contract with CBC is over at the end of the year.

Will Mother Nature Co-Operate

3:38 minutes (1.67 MB)

What type of conditions do you the fans have to endure while cheering on your Riders. On Friday, I asked the best person possible  to give out the answer. Without further adieu, here's CTV Regina's weather specialist Angel Blair

He's Back, He's Ready and He Says He's A Changed Man!!

7:28 minutes (3.42 MB)

Henry Burris is more than ready to try and silence the Rider Nation and ruin their holiday weekend.

DJ Flick Is In Unchartered Territory

1:58 minutes (928.61 KB)

DJ Flick says he is having the time of his life with the ride his team is on and he hopes it continues for a couple of more weeks. Flick talks about that and his touchdown on the first play of scrimmage that sent the Riders on their way to a Western semi-final victory....

Giving Credit To the Opposition

3:49 minutes (1.75 MB)

Riders coach Kent Austin says the Stampeders really made his team work for the win and he gave them a lot of credit after the game......

A Great Evening

3:35 minutes (1.64 MB)

GM Eric Tillman says it was a great evening for the organization and he is very proud of his team as they  get ready for the Western final......

Reaper Relishes Another Shot at the Lions

1:11 minutes (555.96 KB)

Reggie Hunt had a great night in helping keep Henry Burris and the Stampeder offence silent for much of the night. He says it was a real battle and that he can't wait to play the Lions next weekend....

A Chat With The Commish

4:03 minutes (1.39 MB)

Commissioner Mark Cohon was one of many in Taylor Field who witnessed the Rider win. During the game, I spoke with him about the fact the league is enjoying great attendance and other things. Check it out....

Not Worried About Not Finishing

3:08 minutes (1.08 MB)

Rider quarterback Kerry Joseph knows his team stalled in the Western semi-final having to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns but he is still happy with the way the offence is playing as they start getting ready for the Western final against the Lions.....

Dealing With the Noise

7:18 minutes (2.51 MB)

It was an advantage last week but it will be a disadvantage this week and that is the crowd noise. Kent Austin discussed that with the Regina media on Tuesday....

He Was Late But He Was Great

8:50 minutes (3.04 MB)

Scott Schultz was to call into the DRSS Tuesday night to kick off the show but he went AWOL for a while. He eventually got on to talk about Sunday's Western Final and how much better prepared the Riders are this year than in years gone past.......

Wally's World

13:11 minutes (6.04 MB)

Lions coach Wally Buono is eagerly anticipating Sundays Western final. He was with Drew and I Wednesday night to talk about the game.

Ready for Vancouver

6:32 minutes (2.24 MB)

The last outdoors practice for the Riders today and perhaps the last one this season. The team hopes its practicing indoors next week in Toronto but if it doesn't happen, head coach Kent Austin says it is not the end of the world.....

Exuding Confidence

3:36 minutes (1.24 MB)

Kerry Joseph was as you can imagine a popular man at Rider practice. He had these thoughts as the team heads to Vancouver with hopes of playing in Toronto next weekend....

Two Good Old Italian Boys Go At One Another

7:59 minutes (7.32 MB)

The Lions pre=game news conference today was highlighted by quite the exchange between Lions coach Wally Buono and Roughrider radio game analyst Carm Carteri.

The Coach's Thoughts On The Eve of The Western Final

6:44 minutes (6.16 MB)

Here's what kent Austin is saying about his football team as it gets ready for what they hope is their 2nd last game of the year....

Words from the Prez

8:42 minutes (9.96 MB)

Rider president and CEO Jim Hopson was on News Talk Radio shortly after the Western final to talk to me about the game, the season and the one hurdle that is left....

You Won't Walk Alone Kerry

1:34 minutes (552.39 KB)

Kerry Joseph knew he was going to Toronto for Grey Cup week but he wanted his team there with him and he's got his wish

Proud Of His Team

4:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

Kent Austin will get the chance to quarterback a team to victory in the Grey Cup and coach that same team to victory. To do it, they had to get past the Lions which was no easy feat. Here's what the coach was saying after the game......

Its Saskatchewans Time To Be On The Big Stage

4:40 minutes (1.6 MB)

The Riders are off to Toronto and Scott Schultz knows the accomplishment is just as big for the Rider Nation as it is for the organization......

K-J Is O-K As He Gets Ready For T-O

7:08 minutes (2.45 MB)

It could be a very big week for Kerry Joseph. The Rider quarterback should be named CFL MVP and he could be the quarterback of the 2007 Grey Cup champs. He has these thoughts as the team gets ready for what will be a busy Grey Cup week.....

One Giant Step Left

8:07 minutes (2.79 MB)

Kent Austin has his team on the edge of a championship. He had this to say as he addressed the Regina media for the last time until he reconvenes with them and the national media on the turf of Rogers Centre Wednesday afternoon....

The Final Call and the Presentation

1:04 minutes (378.82 KB)

Here is the final moments of the game on the Fan 590 with the great Chris Cuthbert along with the Grey Cup presentation by CFL commissioner Marc Cohon. Two days later, it still sends goosebumps(oh wait, someone left the door open!!)......

Wrapping It Up

20:47 minutes (7.14 MB)

Kent Austin officially met the Regina media for one last time in 2007 to reflect back and look ahead. This will take a while but enjoy....

It Will Be Different This Winter

3:07 minutes (1.08 MB)

Jeremy O'Day says the off-season will be a little different now seeing he won't have to answer the one question that everyone asks him when he tours the province.

Kents Farewell Address

12:14 minutes (4.21 MB)

Kent Austin has taken the offensive co-ordinators job at his almamater but he leaves Saskatchewan with a heavy heart. Austin and Tillman were front and center in the Rider dressing room Wednesday morning to announce his move to Ole Miss and what the future holds. Its a large chunk of tape so I've broken it into three sections. Here's Part 1......

Austin Says Goodbye Pt 2

10:04 minutes (3.46 MB)

Part 2 of Kent's farewell news conference...

Austin Says Goodbye Pt 3

9:21 minutes (3.21 MB)

The final few moments of Wednesday's press conference announcing Kent Austin's move to Ole Miss....

Scott Schultz Understands What Kent Austin Has Done

3:45 minutes (1.29 MB)

The creator of the Moose Jaw stomp is in full support of Kent Austins move home. Schultz says being home is something special.

One Last One on One With Coach Austin

5:04 minutes (1.74 MB)

Kent Austin explains his decision to go and tells the Rider Nation not to worry because the football team is in good hands.....

Its Miller Time!!

18:15 minutes (8.36 MB)

II know that headline is cheesy, but if f you missed it earlier today. here is the press conference in which Ken Miller is named head coach.

The Thoughts of Ken Miller

5:01 minutes (2.3 MB)

Ken Miller is now the 27th head coach in Rider history. Moments after he was named the new coach, he took time out to talk to me about how life will now be different....

Tillman Says Continuity Is Huge

7:31 minutes (3.44 MB)

Rider GM Eric Tillman is glad to have the head coach search over and believes the Rider Nation will soon fine that Ken Miller is an older version of Kent Austin.

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