UPDATED: Roughriders coaches Alex Smith, Mike Walker, Kris Sweet dropped

Three coaches won't be back in 2013
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The Saskatchewan Roughriders made some reported coaching moves official on Wednesday.

As previously reported linebacker coach Alex Smith, defensive line coach Mike Walker and offensive line coach Kris Sweet won't be returning next season.

Head coach Corey Chamblin has three things he's looking for in a coach.

"One thing is how you embrace the Rider Nation, two, just being a perfect fit, and three, seeing the vision I have for this team and carrying it forward," he said.

Smith was with the team for 16 years, joining the team in a full time role in 1997. This past season Smith was also an adviser to head coach Corey Chamblin. Some reports suggested that the decision between the team and Smith was mutual, but Chamblin wouldn't confirm that on Wednesday, but did speak highly of Smith.

"That's a plus for him to have spent 16 years in professional football in one organization," said Chamblin. "There's nothing bad I can say about Alex Smith."

Walker had only been with the Riders for two seasons, while 2012 was Sweet's only season with the green and white.

When it comes to replacements, Chamblin told reporters that he wasn't in a rush to replace anyone, but he does hope to have next years coaching staff in place by the end of January.

As for the other coaches, it appears their jobs are safe.

"If somebody leaves from here, it will be because they got a promotion to go somewhere else, or because they come to me and say I just don't want to be here," said Chamblin.

That includes both coordinators Richie Hall and Bob Dyce. Chamblin essentially gave them both a thumbs up heading into the 2013 season, adding that they both certainly have room to improve, but also took strides to where he wants to be, especially Richie Hall.

"From the system he's always ran, to a system we implemented last year," said Chamblin. "It wasn't just my system, it wasn't just his. What works now."

There's certainly been some questions to about how Hall and Chamblin get along, but Chamblin said on Tuesday that he has a great working relationship with Hall.

With the search now beginning for new coaches, Chamblin said he will talk to some of the people he knows first, but he doesn't have to hire someone he knows. One name that has been popping up recently is Mike Sinclair, who was previously the Montreal Alouettes defensive line coach. Chamblin and Sinclair do know each other from their time in NFL Europe, and Chamblin did make a passing reference to the league, but he wouldn't confirm one way or the other if the team was interesting in Sinclair.

"Mike is a very good coach," said Chamblin. "I'm not sure exactly what his deal is in Montreal and how that ended, but Mike is a guy I talk to regularly in the off-season anyway to keep myself up to date with d-line players and different things. Mike is a good name."

Chamblin will be meeting with a number of coaching candidates at an American college camp in Nashville in the coming weeks.