Timeline of stadium project in Regina

New concept drawings revealed
Reported by Karen Brownlee
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The City of Regina revealing some conceptual drawings of a new stadium for Regina Tuesday afternoon.

They will attempt to illustrate the kind of stadium Regina could have for the $275 million price tag the City has identified.

This outlines the progression of the stadium project in Regina since 2007.

2007 – Roughriders develop proposal to “rejuvenate” Mosaic Stadium. Proposal includes plans to renovate some parts, expand seating and add to the facility. It is estimated to cost $110 million.

January 2008 –- Roughriders' proposal is presented to the City of Regina.

June 2008 -- After negotiations, a proposal is presented to the government of Saskatchewan. The provincial government says replacing, rather than renovating, Mosaic Stadium is “preferred”.

2009-2010- Feasibility studies are commissioned by the provincial government through Crown Investments Corporation (CIC).

     •    June 15, 2009 – A domed stadium is named as the preferred option in the Stadium Concept Review: A Summary Report. The looks at four options – minor renovations, major redevelopment, construction of an open-air stadium and an all-weather, multi-purpose stadium. 

     •    March 1, 2010 – Finding the money to build a domed stadium would require capital grants from government or other revenue sources, according to The Saskatchewan Multi-Purpose Entertainment Facility Feasibility report. The City of Regina, provincial government, and federal government combined their efforts to complete this study. It called for a 33,000 seat stadium costing between $386 and $431 million. It was to be built in the CP rail yards between Regina’s Warehouse district and downtown.

March 2010 -- A group of Saskatchewan First Nations is said to be interested in building a $1.2 billion stadium and hotel complex in downtown Regina. The idea hinges on the sale of Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw to the First Nations.

March 1, 2011Government of Saskatchewan pulls its money from the project after the federal government fails to put forward any funding.

April 19, 2011 – City of Regina takes the lead on the project. Regina’s mayor Pat Fiacco announces vision for Regina Revitalization Initiative. It involves building a “multi-purpose entertainment centre” and provides business opportunities on the redeveloped CP rail yards. It also involved turning the location of Mosaic Stadium into a mix of housing and business opportunities. The City says it will begin the process to buy the CP land.

May 27, 2011A plan is released by the City of Regina breaking down the Regina Revitalization Initiative into three phases.  First, define the plan and its governance. Second, find and secure funding. Third, develop the CP land and Mosaic Stadium land and get building.

May 30, 2011 – City council approves Regina Revitalization Initiative.

April 24, 2012City of Regina requests $230 million in funding from provincial government. Another $30 million is requested of the federal government.  The City says it is prepared to invest $80 million.

May 4, 2012Location of the stadium is moved from the CP rail yards to Evraz Place. Earlier plans called for the City acquiring 33 acres of CP land, but now say planning is based on 17 acres.  The CP rail land would be a mix of business and residential while the location of Mosaic Stadium would become a new neighbourhood. Cost of Regina Revitalization Initiative pegged at $348.3 million -- $278.2 million for the stadium, $45.7 million to redevelop the CP rail yards and $24.4 million to develop the Mosaic Stadium location into a residential area.

March 2012 Survey by City of Regina asks about Regina Revitalization Initiative. It finds 69.3 per cent are inclined to support it. It also finds 74.7 per cent believe Mosaic Stadium “needs improvement, or possibly replacement”. Of those in support of improving or replacing Mosaic Stadium, 53.4 per cent wanted a domed stadium.

July 14, 2012A memorandum of understanding is signed by the City of Regina, the Saskatchewan government and the Roughriders for a stadium to be ready by 2017. The 33,000 seat stadium is to be open-air, but roof-ready. The cost for the stadium is set at $278 million. The Saskatchewan government is kicking in $80 million through a grant plus a $100 million loan to be paid back over 30 years. The City is putting up $73 million and the Roughriders $25 million.

Sept. 19, 2012 City of Regina unveils concept drawings.

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