Teen found guilty of manslaughter in killing of Charlotte Jolly

Sentencing to come June 16
Reported by News Talk Radio staff
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A Saskatoon woman sobbed uncontrollably as the verdict of manslaughter was read aloud Friday at Court of Queen's Bench for the teen who shot and killed her 19-year-old daughter Charlotte Jolly in 2009.

The charge was originally second degree murder, but Justice Grant Curry stated there was not enough evidence to prove that charge.

For more than a week, court heard various witness accounts of the night the teen and Jolly met in a Westview area alley off Avenue W in September 2009.

Curry says he knows the teen intended to shoot Jolly that night, but was not convinced he intended to kill her.

The teen will be kept in custody until June when sentencing will take place.

Crown prosecutor Matthew Miazga is asking for the teen to be sentenced as an adult, and he believes that decision is even more important than the verdict itself.

"Because the decision as to where he's going to be sentenced will determine largely the type of consequence this accused will face," Miazga told reporters Friday.

"The crown position essentially is going to be that the sentences available under the Youth Criminal Justice Act are inadequate to hold this accused accountable for what he did," said Miazga.

Defense lawyer Morris Bodnar was not immediately available for a comment.


Justice Grant said evidence regarding the distance of the teen from Jolly, the way in which the gun was held and where Jolly was when she was shot were all taken into consideration.

The teen will be kept in custody until sentencing on June 16.

Jolly's mother burst into tears when the verdict was read this morning.

Reported by News Talk Radio's Bre McAdam and Gerald Bauman

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad and Michael Aynsley.

First reported Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10:48 a.m.