Team Party Pass offered up for Grey Cup 2013

One pass will get you in every hospitality room
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The 101st Grey Cup Festival is offering up an all access party pass.

The organizing committee announced on Wednesday what they're calling the "Team Party Pass."

This pass will get you in the door for every hospitality room at this years Grey Cup in Regina, including Riderville and the Downtown Party Tent for a one time cost of $60.

In previous years, the different venues charged a one time fee for daily admission, this pass will also be good for all three days.

The hospitality rooms are hosted by the eight teams in the CFL, along with the Atlantic Schooners.

Passes will be on sale from April 8 to April 19 for all CFL season ticket holders, with a limit of four passes per account. Passes go on sale to the general public in June.

You must be at least 19-years-old to attend the different hospitality rooms.