Speculation mounts over Roughriders' moves in CFL Canadian draft

GM Brendan Taman speaks about first overall pick
Reported by Joel Gasson
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It’s not yet clear what the Saskatchewan Roughriders will do during Thursday’s CFL Canadian draft.

Roughrider general manager Brendan Taman met with the media Tuesday as the team prepares to pick first overall.

It’s been questioned whether the Roughriders will pick first. There's been a lot of speculation that the team may move the pick in order to pick up a few more selections.

"We've talked to a number of teams, but as of right now we're going to pick it and go from there, and I really foresee that pick to be staying with Saskatchewan,” said Taman.

The team certainly has plenty of options for their first pick. The popular choice might be offensive lineman, Ben Heenan, who is from Regina.

Most years, Heenan would probably be a lock. But with the team recently adding Brandon Labatte and re-signing Chris Best, there’s a chance the team might look in another direction.

They could also take Heenan and shift him or someone else down to another spot on the offensive line.

"Initially coming out of the gate I don't think he could (shift to another spot)," said Taman of Heenan.

 "In time, he's proven he's played a number of spots at university."

Around the league, the other popular choice to go first is wide receiver Shamawd Chambers out of Wilfrid Laurier University.

However, Chambers has been invited to the Philadelphia Eagles mini-camp, meaning he might not be in the CFL this year. Taman thinks he could be worth the risk.

"But you better be sure you're going to get him," said Taman.

"You could probably wait half a year on him, but if you don't see him for a year or two, I don't think that's the wisest pick."

One scenario that seems likely is number-one ranked Tyrone Crawford being picked much later. That's because he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL draft.

The draft starts at 1 p.m. Saskatchewan time Thursday.

Edited by CJME's Karen Brownlee.