Sheets spends off-season swamping for Sask. trucking business

No NFL signing bonus means Sheets has to do manual labour to pay bills
Reported by Aaron Stuckel
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When Kory Sheets signed an NFL contract in February, many people in Saskatchewan thought they were saying goodbye to him forever.

But it seems the simple act of signing a big-time contract with the Oakland Raiders doesn’t automatically make him rich. That means Sheets has remained in the province.

“I need to pay bills,” he said with a laugh. “I didn’t get a signing bonus so I had to come up here and work.”

Sheets has spent his off-season working with a trucking company out of Carnduff—in the south east corner of the province near the US border—that provides rig-moving services in the oilfield.

“I’m a swamper. What that basically means is I ride with a guy that drives a truck, and whenever he needs help loading and unloading pieces of the oil rigs I get out and help him,” he said. “It’s great. I’m actually having a good time doing it. I get to see things I’ve never seen before and do things I’ve never done.”

Sheets said he had looked for an interim job in the US, but found it hard to find a decent-paying job. Meanwhile, he’s trying to stay in shape for his tryout in Oakland.

“I’ve got to squeeze in training, no matter if I do it late at night or early in the morning. That’s one thing I can’t skip,” he said. “So even though I’m working almost all of the day and most of the morning, if I come home late I hit the gym or hit the treadmill. I’ve got to do something to make sure I stay in shape and am keeping my body right.”

Sheets said he’s excited to get to Oakland for training camp. He has to report to the Raiders on April 21.