Saskatchewan Roughriders should come close to budget

Unknown for team is merchandise sales
Reported by Samantha Maciag
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Despite the Saskatchewan Roughriders performance on the field, their bottom line is not really being affected.

President and CEO Jim Hopson says they don't budget for the home playoff games so they should come in pretty close to budget.

“We are virtually sold out as we end the season. We’re very limited for this game and the last game but we expected that with colder weather.”

He says the only unknown is how merchandise will do in the next couple months, but he expects things to continue selling strong. And with four games to go, fans aren't jumping off the bandwagon just yet.

“You don’t bail out when you’re having a bit of trouble. That’s when they need the support. That’s when they need us in the stands screaming and yelling,” said one News Talk Radio caller.

And Hopson says that support is reflected in ticket sales.

“With the season-ticket base we had, the sell outs throughout the year, the source of revenue for us is tickets and that’s solid,” said Hopson.

Edited by News Talk Radio’s Karin Yeske.