Roughriders offense spreading the wealth, finding success

Durant has thrown to eight different receivers
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The Roughriders offense rolled through the Calgary Stampeders last week.

While the numbers were certainly impressive, and scoring on every single possesion in the second half was also impressive, but what's working the best for this team right now is spreading the wealth.

So far this year quarterback Darian Durant has thrown to eight different receivers, including receiver Greg Carr who is now with the Stampeders.

So it's pretty clear offensive coordinator George Cortez is looking for a balance offense, with everyone contributing.

"I'm never concerned about who's catching the ball," he said. "I'm more concerned with throwing it to the guy who's most open."

So far this year, to no one's surprise that's been receiver Weston Dressler, but he did get most of the yards and receptions against Calgary, after not having to do much against Edmonton.

"You just got to wait for your turn, and when it comes you have to make the most of it," said Dressler.

For how complicated and different Cortez's offense can be, the final destination of plays is actually quite wide open. While Cortez admits there was definitely some plays that have intended receivers, for the most part he lets the defense dictate who Durant will be throwing to on any given down.

"In general were calling plays were we have to work off the coverage," he said.

It seems to be paying off so far, granted it's only been two weeks, while Durant isn't lighting up the league in terms of yards, he is tied for the league lead in touchdowns with five.

The defense has been helping Durant so far too.

"The more opportunities you have on offense, the more people you can involved," said Durant. "Our defense has done a great job of getting us the ball back and putting us in scoring positions."

The more receivers that Durant can throw too, the better off the offense will be as defenses wont be able to zone in on certain players, or expect certain plays all the time.

"That's the beauty of what coach Cortez does, he doesn't allow d-coordinators to focus in on one guy because he moves guys around so much," said Durant.

We've even seen a few different wrinkles that haven't shown up in the past when it comes to Roughriders offenses. There was the trick play where Dressler threw to Durant, something that could make the defense think twice next time Durant hands off to Dressler.

The improved offense has meant good things for kicker Chris Milo as well, as they've always been able to move the ball close enough to the point where he hasn't had to attempt a field goal so far this year 40 yards or more.

A continued good offense will also mean good things for the defense, as it keeps them off the field and in better shape as the year goes on.

So far after two weeks just about everything has gone according to plan for the Riders, but there's still a long ways to go, and something will go wrong at some point, and we'll see if this offense has evolved from last year. As when the wheels fell off heading into Labour really fell off.

If the offense can stay on track basically all year, then it's not only good news for the offense, but the entire team. The easiest way to do that, is to continue to spread the wealth.