Roughrider linebacker Sam Hurl stands out in practice

Coach Chamblin looking for better effort in Friday's pre-season game
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The Roughriders are now preparing for their pre-season game Friday against Calgary.
The team will be looking for a better effort than it saw last week against B.C. 

Head Coach Corey Chamblin said they got what they wanted out of the game, getting blown out always leaves a bad taste in the players mouths.
Chamblin is rarely willing to talk about players that stood out for him, positively or negatively, but he did give rookie linebacker Sam Hurl a lot of praise after the game.
"That's what I want to hear from my coaches," said Hurl. "I go out there working hard, and that's what I expect to hear cause that's what I'm trying to do when I go out there."

Hurl will be happy to know that he's still impressing Chamblin nearly a week later.
"He even broke the huddle down today," said Chamblin. "He's been here 12-13 days, to me he's playing more like a vet. He just comes and does his job, doesn't complain. I like him."
The University of Calgary product is eligible to return to the Dinos this year, but Hurl says he wants to make this team. He knows what he needs to keep working on to stick too.
"You gotta be able to move your feet at a way higher tempo, you got to be a lot faster, and you also got to think," said Hurl.
Even though he's up against veterans Shomari Williams and Mike McCullough for the starting job, Hurl says he's going to give it all he's got.
He doesn't need to look far for inspiration, after safety Craig Butler made the team, and eventually the starting line up last season.
"If I can be the second guy to be able to step in and play, that would be awesome," said Hurl.
If he doesn't make the starting line up Hurl does add that he's willing to pay his dues at special teams to be on the roster.
Friday night will also be a special night for Hurl, not only because he played University football in Calgary, but he was also born there.
"It's going to be really cool to be out on the field there playing against the red."


Receiver Chris Getzlaf sat out practice again Tuesday morning with a neck injury. He also missed Monday night's practice in Moose Jaw. Chamblin said it was nothing serious, likely just slept on it funny.

Centre Dominic Picard did leave practice favouring his lower back, however Chamblin didn't have an update on his status.

Defensive back Macho Harris was once again running laps around the field testing his injured hamstring.

Offensive lineman Chris Best and receivers Jock Sanders and Dallas Baker also missed practice again.

Late in the practice the team worked on the three minute drill, afterwords they were once again put through sprints as work out ended. Chamblin said he did it this time for conditioning, not punishment.