Rob Bagg feeling good after Roughriders mini-camp

Missed 2011 with a knee injury
Reported by Joel Gasson
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Sometimes it can be difficult to find a story line out of a mini-camp in football.

For the Saskatchewan Roughriders, outside of the battle to back up Darian Durant. The big story is the return of receiver Rob Bagg.

Bagg of course missed all of the 2011 season after suffering a knee injury late in 2010 against the Calgary Stampeders.
At the teams first ever mini-camp, there certainly was a lot of concern about how Bagg's knee would respond.

"There's definitely been some frustrations over the last 18 months," said Bagg "Just to get back out here with the guys and run around playing the sport I love felt really good."

He didn't waste any time testing his knee either. About half way through the first session on Wednesday, Bagg stretched out for a catch. The one hundred or so fans at Mosaic Stadium paused for a second, but once Bagg stood up there was a huge round of applause.
"Before you have a serious injury, it's just natural to take things for granted," said Bagg, "At the same time, I feel phsically really good."

As for on the field this season. Bagg says they've moved on from Andy Fantuz. He says it will take a full team effort from everyone to replace Fantuz, not just himself