Rob Bagg continues to undergo tests, ruled out of Saturday's game

Dressler fine after re-injuring shoulder
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The Riders returned to the practice field on Tuesday, but there was one glaring omission.

Receiver Rob Bagg, who injured his knee in Saturday's win over the Montreal Alouettes did not take part. Bagg did run a little bit on the sidelines, and performed a few drills by himself, but did not do much after stretch, and eventually left the field and did not return.

So what's the status of Bagg?

"Still the million dollar question, the doctor and Ivan, all those guys, are still assessing him to see exactly what is the extent of the injury," said head coach Corey Chamblin.

At this point, Chamblin wasn't in a place to say what part of Bagg's knee is actually injured, saying there's too many things it could still be at this point, Chamblin wouldn't even rule out if it was the ACL again, saying anything is still possible. The fact that it is a knee injury was confirmed.

Another thing that was confirmed, Bagg won't play this Saturday in Edmonton.

"It would be too far along in the week," said Chamblin. "Like anything else, we get hurt we want practice for at least a week."

Who will replace Bagg also remains up in the air. A few different players, including Scott McHenry and Kierre Johnson worked out in his spot on Tuesday, but both are on the nine game injured list. Chamblin said after practice they have a few different options there and who starts will be decided later in the week.

There was certainly a lot of hope on Monday after Bagg was seen running the stairs at Mosaic Stadium that morning with running back Kory Sheets and safety Tyron Brackenridge. Chamblin says you can't really read too much into that.

"(Bagg's) a unique individual when it comes to pain tolerance," he said. "Also pushing your body to the limit."

Chamblin does hope to have a better answer when it comes to Bagg's status on Wednesday.

No matter what that answer is, Bagg continues to be a constant source of motivation for his teammates.

"He's a tough tough guy," said quarterback Darian Durant. "I admire a guy like that."

Durant went as far as calling Bagg "Wolverine," as in the comic book character who is constantly able to heal himself. So because of that, he certainly wasn't willing to rule out Bagg for the season just yet.

Bagg isn't the only Riders receiver who is dealing with injuries. Weston Dressler appeared to have re-injured his shoulder making a sliding touchdown catch in the second quarter of Saturday's game. Dressler told reporters on Tuesday he's feeling pretty good now.

"A few days off, kind of rested up, trying to get the swelling down," he said. "Just one of those bumps and bruises you have to take care of and learn to play with."

Dressler was able to take part in the entire practice on Tuesday, adding after that only certain movements and positions would bother him out there.

"It fades away pretty quick," said Dressler. "Overall it's pretty good and shouldn't slow me down at all."

Bagg wasn't made available to the media on Tuesday.

News and notes

- Linebacker Sam Hurl also missed practice on Tuesday, he was dinged up late last week and missed the game against Montreal.

- Most of the offense was put through ball control drills on Tuesday, the defense was also working on stripping balls.

- Head coach Corey Chamblin told reporters that Jock Sanders will still be on the roster, returner Matt Brown also appeared to come up lame after working against Brackenridge in scout team.