Richie Hall won't return as Riders defensive coordinator

Hall's future status remains unknown
Reported by Joel Gasson
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After a couple of weeks of rumours, it's been confirmed. The Riders will have a new defensive coordinator next season.

Head coach Corey Chamblin announced on Tuesday that long-time Rider coach Richie Hall won't be in his current role as head of the defence next season.

"The philosophy is good, some minor things need change. But, just moving forward, just want to have a new structure and a new foundation," said Chamblin.

Chamblin did suggest that Hall has been offered another role within the organization but couldn't say what the role would be just yet. That will all depend on what Hall can find on the job market and whether he considers it a better job than the one he could have with the Riders.

Understandably, Hall is disappointed with the decision.

"That's life; we all know what we signed up for. Things don't always go your way. I was disappointed when I got released in Edmonton, I was disappointed when we lost the football game, but you know the sun comes up the next day and it's a new challenge. Life goes on and Richie Hall will survive," said Hall.

Hall couldn't say what his would be role with the Riders would be if the stuck around. Right now, he's still considering his options but his status for the future is still to be announced.

"I got a lot of green and white blood in here. But, what the future is? I don't know."

Hall's name has been linked at times with the opening at the University of Regina but Hall said he hasn't applied for the job. Hall wouldn't say if he was interested in the job or if he would want to be a head coach somewhere else again.

It's no secret that at their cores Hall and Chamblin are very different people with very different philosophies when it comes to how tp play defence.

Chamblin likes the aggressive style and Hall has always been a little more conservative. It's a set up that has worked for a couple of years but from the coaches perspective it was time to make a change.

"Sometimes it's unfair to, I think, Richie and sometimes to the players in having two philosophies meshing. Sometimes it's just time to go forward with one," said Chamblin.

At this time, Chamblin continues to evaluate the offensive coaching staff but what happens with the defensive coaches will be decided very soon.

Mike Sinclair, who was hired briefly by the Riders last season before joining the Chicago Bears is one name Chamblin suggested could be on his list of potential defensive coordinators. But, he admits the answer might be looking him in the mirror as well.

"I wouldn't hire anyone to replace Richie unless I felt like they were going to be truly better than Richie or myself," he said.

If the answer isn't better than Hall or himself, then Chamblin will do the job, something he admits isn't his first choice.

Chamblin did call a number of games defensively this past season including the west semifinal.

One name that has been suggested as a potential replacement for Hall is Stampeders defensive line coach Devon Claybrooks but Chamblin said that Claybrooks was not an option. Current defensive back coach Barron Miles is also not an option in Chamblin's mind. He wants someone with experience.

News and Notes

Chamblin is also looking for experience at the soon-to-be vacant offensive coordinator spot. Chamblin said on Tuesday that he has spoken with Paul LaPolice and former Lions offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine about the opening. Chamblin has not asked for permission to speak with Lions offensive coordinator Khari Jones.

Chamblin was insistent that George Cortez has not been fired as offensive coordinator. His contract simply will not be renewed.

The status of the rest of the coaching staff remains unclear as all Chamblin would suggest at this point is they are still under contract.

The CFL released the official list of potential free agents on Tuesday, including 29 Riders, the full list can be found here.

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