Rey Williams leading the way defensively for Riders

Leads the team in sacks and tackles, tied for interception lead
Reported by Joel Gasson
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Once again this year the Roughriders defense has been built around being a unit that works together with few stars standing out.

But so far one man is stepping up and making things happen.

After last week's win over the Toronto Argonauts linebacker Rey Williams not only leads the team in tackles (14), but quarterback sacks (3) as well. He's also tied for the team lead in interceptions (1).

Not bad for someone who was cast aside by one of the worst defense's in the CFL in recent memory.

"It's a familiar system for me," said Williams, who worked previously under defensive coordinator Richie Hall and head coach Corey Chamblin. "It's a combination of everyone doing their job."

When Williams first arrived back in Saskatchewan he admitted that he was still the same old Williams but the team did plan on using him a little more from sideline to sideline, rather than straight downhill like he normally would play.

That doesn't appear to be the case so much with Williams picking up three sacks already.

"They gave me an opportunity to rush the passer. That's all you can ask man," said Williams. "Coach put you in a position where you can make plays."

Williams went on to explain the original play book also called for him to be off the field for more plays than he is now.

"My job was to show them that I shouldn't be off the field," said Williams. "They're just putting me in a situation where I can rush the passer and help the team out."

Needless to say the Riders defense has been pretty complicated so far this year and because of that, more often than not Williams has basically been the only natural linebacker on the field.

It's something he admits is kind of cool.

"It feels good," said Williams. "I feel some systems are going to more of DB's on the field because it's a passing league."

Most importantly Williams thinks the system is working well as it allows them to be flexible in everything they're doing.

As mentioned Williams is a cast off-of another team, as he was released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats earlier this year. Proving them wrong is part of Williams motivation but he admits he wants to prove himself every day.

"My whole career I feel I've been battling that," said Williams. "I think that's why I've lasted so long."