Rey Williams on Kent Austin: "I honestly guess I didn't really know him"

Williams wanted to re-join the Riders last season
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The newest, sort of, Roughrider is glad to be back in green and white, but Rey Williams isn't holding back when it comes to his former team.

Williams re-joined the Riders, officially, on Monday after he was released from the Tiger-Cats earlier in the off season. Williams joined Jamie Nye and Rob Vanstone on the Green Zone Monday evening, where he was asked about his former coach in Saskatchewan, and new coach and general manager in Hamilton, Kent Austin, and if there was any disappointment in being released by him.

"I honestly guess I didn't really know him, and the more I'm learning, and the way he does business, I'm happy I'm out of there." he said. "There's a certain respect you think you would have for guys, coaches, that he just doesn't have, I was little bit disappointed. I haven't even spoken to him."

Williams went on to say that Austin hasn't talked to him once since being let go, and now he definitely isn't expecting to now. That being said, Williams is glad to be back in Saskatchewan, he even admitted that he was trying to get out of Hamilton last season as well.

"Yeah, that's true," said Williams with a laugh. "There was nothing much at the time that could be done."

When Williams returned to the CFL after a brief stint in the NFL, he wanted to return to Saskatchewan, but he knew that the odds were slim with the Riders have Barrin Simpson, and his recent injuries.

"The timing just wasn't right, when (head coach Corey Chamblin) got the job, I thought this was my chance to get back there," said Williams. "I wish it had happened a little sooner, but better late than never."

That relationship with Chamblin is a big reason why Williams wanted to return to Riderville, from their brief time together in Hamilton. Williams also knows offensive coordinator George Cortez, and knows defensive coordinator Richie Hall as well. So it could be said he knows this staff better, than the staff he would have worked with in Hamilton.

"I think I do, Coach (Dough Malone) is another great coach, who was here in Hamilton with me, so I think you're right at this point," joked Williams.

Williams has already had a chance to look at what the team plans to do defensively this year, and he sees it as a nice mix of what Chamblin and Hall both like to do.

"It's a mix between the two, and I think it's going to be really good. Those are two great defensive minds over there."

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