New quarterbacks ready to show their stuff in game action

Pre-season opener key for Weber and Doege
Reported by Joel Gasson
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The countdown to game day is on with the RedBlacks and Riders set to open their pre-season on Saturday.

We all know the outcome of the game doesn't matter and how a number of the players perform isn't greatly important either, but the game is a big one for those trying to win a job. That is especially true for quarterbacks Adam Weber and Seth Doege who are trying to land themselves a full-time job as the team's third string and perhaps even backup quarterback depending on how things go.

Without having access to the coaches film, it's hard to tell how Doege and Weber have looked in practice thus far but from the naked eye neither has really separated themselves from the other. So Saturday's game that could make the difference. Head Coach Corey Chamblin will be looking for more than just how they throw the football.

"First of all, remember the plays, how well they command the huddle," he said. "How are they under pressure situations?"

It's this time last year when Tino Sunseri separated himself from the other quarterbacks as he eventually went on to win the job Doege and Weber are now likely vying for. Chamblin remembers that, knowing just how important this game is to both of the young quarterbacks.

The game itself is an interesting situation for both Weber and Doege as they have to be aggressive but they also can't make any glaring errors if they hope to crack the game-day roster.

"You have to be aggressive but you have to be smart with the football," said Weber. "Get the ball into all of the other guys' hands and let them show their skills."

Doege goes a little bit further than just making plays.

"It's about moving the ball, having productive drives and having points out of drives," he said.

As is usually the case, the move from American football to Canadian football has definitely been an adjustment for both quarterbacks. It might be a bigger one for Doege who played his college football at Texas Tech in a system where they never really threw the ball deep down field, so arm strength is something Doege has been trying to build up.

"I'm trying to throw the wide field throws, because it's different," he said.

Weber has shown a stronger arm throughout camp as well. During the mock game last weekend he also wasn't afraid to take off and run if nothing was presenting itself down field. Weber feels his legs could be an advantage of his in this league.

Overall, he's just working on becoming more confident with the play book.

"Having two weeks of camp is a little shorter than you get in the NFL," he said. "Just trying doing my best to study, to understand this offence and how this game is played."

If all goes according to plan, Weber or Doege shouldn't really see the field on game day once training camp comes to a close but the pre-season games will be important for the organization just in case the worst-case scenario does play out in 2014.

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