Lions roar in blow out over Roughriders

Roughriders suffer worst loss of season
Reported by Jamie Nye
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The B.C. Lions used the big play in their dominant win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Lions had a 100-yard touchdown reception by Arland Bruce and an 81-yard interception return for a touchdown from Ryan Phillips in the 42-5 victory.

"We just go out butts whipped in every phase of the game," said a subdued Darian Durant after the game, "We didn't come ready to play and they did. They gave us a royal butt kicking."

The Lions have now won five straight games and improved to a 6-6 record.

Phillips interception killed one of the best Roughriders drives of the first half and put the nail in the coffin as he made the score 30-0 late in the second quarter.

"My role is to go out there and make plays and they presented me an opportunity to make plays and I took advantage of it."

The interception was Phillips 14th pick against Darian Durant.

"I think that situation could have been avoided, but you have to give him credit also," Durant conceded.

Reality check

The loss by the Roughriders was reminiscent of the team that played before Ken Miller took the head coaching title back from Greg Marshall.

The Roughriders took 16 penalties which left Miller scratching his head.

"Its a big surprise for me. I think it's inconsistent with our character. It's inconsistent with how our team has played over the last three weeks. It's inconsistent with how the team has played over the last few years."

One of the plays indicative of the team's relapse was Nick Graham's ejection in the second quarter. Graham took a unnecessary roughness penalty and then took a swing at B.C. Lions Aaron Hunt.

The play cost the Roughriders 40-yards in penalties and ended with a Paul McCallum field goal.

"Really, he's a good person and a strong character person. He just made a mistake. I believe him when he says it won't occur again. He's a good player."

Graham acknowledged his mistake following the game on twitter and then again to News Talk Radio.

"I just made a very boneheaded, very silly, uncharacteristic play out there. I got a personal foul call and was frustrated with it, with guys in my face but I have to be smarter than that. I cost my team. I put Eddie Russ in a bad situation. It was just bad all around. That's not me and I would like to apologize to my team again and all the Rider fans for those actions."

Desperate times

Things are getting desperate for the Roughriders, who are now 4-8 on the season and four points out of a playoff spot with six games remaining.

The Roughriders do have some of their destiny in their hands with five of their last six games against Western opponents. But the Roughriders are now 0-5 against West Division opponents.

This story continues to develop. Check back for full post game video from the Roughriders locker room.