The hottest job in football

With a heat wave rolling through the province, Gainer the Gopher is going to be warm on game day
Reported by Kevin Martel
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It could very well be the hottest job in Saskatchewan.

Working outside in plus-30 degree weather is enough, but try doing it in a giant mascot costume while trying to pump up 40,000 fans.

That’s exactly what the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Gainer the Gopher will be doing Saturday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium.
Dave Ash has worn the costume in previous years. He admitted there isn’t a whole lot you can do to escape the heat besides pray for a breeze.

“The only way that Gainer gets any relief in the costume is if he puts his nose to the wind,” Ash said.

Even then, chances are still good you’re going to sweat out a lot of weight.

“You could easily lose five pounds inside a costume like that, and that’s not even a whole game. You can only do half a game because it’s so hard on your system,” he said.

And sweat like that just ends up weighing down the costume even more.

“Back then the costumes were all solid carpet and enclosed, and if there wasn’t any wind you just about died in there,” Ash explained.

He does believe the modern costume has an extra tool to help keep cool: a mini fan inside the head piece.