Geroy Simon looking forward to getting back to football

Simon wants more attention on the team than himself
Reported by Joel Gasson
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There's been a lot of attention on Roughriders receiver Geroy Simon in recent weeks but he insists his mind is solely on his team's fortunes.

It began a few weeks ago when the B.C. Lions came to Regina and Simon played his old team for the first time. Around that same time he was in pursuit of Ben Cahoon's all-time receptions record. The next week in Montreal he would break that record and of course last week he returned to B.C. for the first time ever.

In that game Simon made a late game catch, quickly followed by the Riders going into "victory formation" to close out the game. After the game Simon did not talk to reporters, and the speculation began that Simon wasn't happy about what could be seen as a charity catch late in the game to keep his consecutive games with a catch streak alive at 184 games.

"It was an emotional game for me, so emotions were all over the place," said Simon. "It wasn't just about that, not just about catching a pass throughout the game. There was a million things going on."

First and foremost Simon was more concerned with the Riders picking up a win that evening, which of course they did. As for the streak he would have been fine with it coming to an end, given the circumstances.

However, the streak did continue thanks to his teammates. Darian Durant actually changed the play to get Simon open on the outside by switching him and Taj Smith. While Simon wasn't too concerned about the streak coming to an end, his teammates wanted it to continue. Now that Simon has had some time to think about it he feels better about the whole thing.

"They care about my legacy and all of that stuff," said Simon. "Because for me it was, 'Whatever, we won, let's move on.'"

He clarifies that it was a combination of factors that got to him that night: he feels there's been way too much attention paid to him and everything he's been going through recently, rather than the team as a whole. That’s the real reason why he didn’t speak to reporters that evening.

"I just didn't want everything to be about me," he said. "Let Sheets talk, let Darian talk, let (Dressler) talk, because those guys, they deserve that."

And talk they did, as Simon forced himself out of the spotlight to give the attention to the players he felt deserved it.

With all of this behind him (except for one more game against the Lions) Simon is looking forward to getting back to focusing on football and the home stretch run.

"That's really important that we get all of that stuff out of the way," said Simon. "We want to ramp up going into the playoffs. We want to be the hot team."