Darian Durant back in protective boot

Quarterback listed as day-to-day
Reported by Joel Gasson
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Saskatchewan Roughriders practice...it's like the movie Groundhog day, only less entertaining.

As the Green and White returned to practice on Wednesday, their first since beating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37-0, Darian Durant was once again in a walking boot and did not practice.

Just like the first day of practice last week.

"Kind of swelled up on me a little bit the last couple of days," said Durant. "Just being smart about it, being cautious."

Durant took a couple of hits in the game but nothing that aggravated his foot. He feels it was just the wear and tear of the game that caused his foot to swell up again.

"Starting stopping, dropping, running, all the normal things that happen during the game," he said.

During the game itself Durant admits that adrenaline took over and he didn't really feel a whole lot ot pain. Obviously something happened though as Durant said that he's been in the boot for a couple of days now to try and relieve some pressure off his foot when he's walking around and such.

So will he play?

"We're going to take it day-by-day, see how this thing feels," said Durant. "But as of right now, I hope to be able to go."

Head Coach Corey Chamblin also listed Durant as day-to-day. Despite the big lead, Chamblin said he didn't want to pull Durant after the team made it 30-0.

"There was about six minutes last year, and they came back 16, 18, 19 points," said Chamblin. "He's our starting quarterback, and we win games with our starting quarterback."

With the bye week on the horizon and a shorter week between games there certainly could be temptation for Chamblin to sit Durant Saturday in Guelph.

"Just making sure it's not pushing him back in any kind of way," said Chamblin. "The bye always helps just because it's some extra time off, but at the end of the day we just want to make sure we don't set him back."

As for the injury itself, Durant doesn't think it's any worse than it was last week but he recognizes they have less time to prepare for this game. Chamblin echoed those thoughts, saying he didn't think the foot is any worse or better than it was last week.

If this story sticks to the script of last week, Durant should practice tomorrow and then again on Friday during walk through with the announcement of him actually playing coming on Saturday.

Until then, we'll just have to wait.