Corey Chamblin says Jon Cornish will not run for 100 yards

If he does, someone is likely out the door
Reported by Adriana Christianson
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Calling Joe Namath and Mark Messier, Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin wants to join you.

After practice on Wednesday , Chamblin was asked about is the run defense is better now then it was the last time the Riders face the Stampeders. That day, running back Jon Cornish easily ran for 159 yards.

"I'll put the guarantee in the paper and say that Jon Cornish better not get over 100 yards rushing," said Chamblin. "If he does, somebody won't be on the field the next week."

Chamblin isn't guaranteeing victory like Namath and Messier did, but it's still pretty bold words from a coach that has been very careful about what he says to the media all year, a same coach who banned fans from practice on day two and three, after seeing some information online.

"We're going to make a conscious effort to stop the run," said Chamblin. "If he's going to run the ball, he better do it with six rushers on his back. There's going to be no open gaps."

Chamblin did admit that there's always going to be grey zones, like if Cornish goes for 101 yards, no one would probably be out the door. So it's safe to assume that it depends on how important the yards are.

"But no where close to 150," said Chamblin. "They get paid to stop the run."

One thing the Riders will have on their side this go around, is the addition of linebacker Joe Lobendahn, and defensive lineman Jay Alford will also be in the line up. Two guys are very good against the run, who weren't in the line up last time.

The defense appears to be rallying behind their head coach.

"I second that motion" said defensive lineman Tearrius George. "I feel the same, I don't think he'll run on us."

"If coach said we're going to go out there and beat them 100-0, I'm going to believe that," said defensive end Brent Hawkins. "You got to stick behind your lead guy, if you don't that's when things fall apart."

Both Hawkins and George agreed that the defense is coming into this game extra pumped up, and looking for revenge after the game Cornish put up against the Riders last time.