Corey Chamblin delivers strong message during practice

Players sent back to the locker room after slow start to practice
Reported by Joel Gasson
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It wasn't a smooth start to the week of practice for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

At the start of every practice the offence and defence do their own walkthroughs at separate ends of the field. After that everyone heads into the locker room to get their pads on and prepare for practice to begin, starting with special teams.

Usually things go on as normal from there but that wasn't the case on Tuesday.

As the special teams portion of practice was kicking off, some of the players were a little sluggish getting on to the field. Some coaches could be heard saying "you're a minute late, let's go!" After that happened a few times, head coach Corey Chamblin then barked at everyone to get back into the locker room.

"The mind set wasn't right, didn't like the mind set," said Chamblin. "Didn't like the way we had guys coming out late, we had some busts in walk through."

After that the message from Chamblin was pretty clear; if you don't want to work all day every day, then drop off your pay cheque and there's the door.

"If you don't want to be here, leave your pay cheque in there and don't bring your ass to work," he said. "Your going to work when you come to this building."

The message seemed to get through to the players as a few minutes later every single player and coach came jogging out of the locker room and on to the field. That includes some players who often walk out, especially those who may not be involved in the special teams part of practice.

Some would believe that it's up to the leaders in the room to set the example when it comes to effort and attitude every day, and they wouldn't be wrong, but the coach feels sometimes he has to set the tone too.

"This is my team, I'm the head coach, it starts with me," said Chamblin, but he doesn't want it to happen again. "I got on the leaders also, when it gets all the way up to me that means they haven't done their job."

One of those leaders would be quarterback Darian Durant who didn't really want to get into what was said.

"At the end of the day, things like that are going to happen and it's not surprising," he said.

A leader who was willing to speak a little bit about the message was defensive back Dwight Anderson. From his perspective he thinks that maybe some of the guys are feeling a little too good and happy after another win and picking up their 10th win of the season. The thing is, considering how important the next three games are, now is not the time to get too excited.

"We coming out to crunch time," said Anderson. "Just basically want guys to understand that focus got to pick up another notch."

As one of the leaders on the team Anderson knows he's a guy that has to step up. He's already been talking to some of the players how about how just important these three weeks are, especially when two of the teams they're facing they're also battling for playoff position.

After practice Chamblin said he was pretty happy with how the players responded. He also added the effort wasn't a total failure, but to be great you have to be better than average.

"If I had to give it to a grade, we're we coming out with a 'D' mind set, no," he said. "We were more so like a 'C' or a 'B-minus,' but that's not good enough."

Chamblin also admitted there could have been a bit of a turkey hangover, but like after a win they have 24 hours to enjoy it and then it's back to work.

News and Notes

- Linebacker Weldon Brown appears poised to return to the line-up, he practice with the first team defence. Carlos Thomas was back at his defensive back spot with Prince Miller off the starting back field.

- Linebacker Abraham Kromah could make his 2013 debut as well. He did a fair bit of work behind Mike McCullough and worked on special teams too.

- It appears Levi Steinhauer will do the long snapping duties Saturday against B.C. as Cory Hucklack wasn't at practice and has been placed on the injured list.