Sask. Gaming says faulty slot machine was a unique model

Consider those who took advantage of machine to have committed theft
Reported by Murray Wood
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The CEO of the Saskatchewan Gaming Authority is dismissing any question of whether a glitch at a slot machine at Casino Moose Jaw indicates a need for tighter controls.

Twenty-nine thousand dollars was taken when the machine gave back too many credits for the money put in. Two people stood there and did it for a couple of days before someone else reported it.  CEO of the Saskatchewan Gaming Authority, Twila Meredith believes these two people essentially committed theft.

“Yes, because, I guess it’s really up to the police to determine whether there was intent here, but it was certainly a malfunction of our slot machine but to us, the people took advantage of this knowing they were receiving inappropriate credits,” said Meredith.

Over half the respondents to News Talk Radio’s opinion poll said they wouldn't report a broken slot machine like the one in Moose Jaw.  Meredith believes the two people should have said something.

“Those people should have been incumbent on them to let us know there was a problem,” said Meredith.

The two were caught on camera and used their players club cards.  Meredith says their controls would have caught this in a couple of days, but the machine in question is a unique model, unlike most machines on the floor.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.