Government wants reassurance final exams won't be affected by potential work action

A plea today from the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee to the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation.

They want reassurance from the teachers that final exams won't be affected by any potential work action.

School Board Association President Sandy Urban Hall says the clock is ticking.

"Students have been accepted into post secondary programs based on the fact that they need to have those final marks in. It also would impact scholarships."

Rotating health worker strike moves to Yorkton Wednesday

Labour disputes across Saskatchewan

The long weekend may be over, but another week of labour unrest  is just beginning. Wednesday, Saskatchewan teachers launch a two-day strike, leaving parents looking for child care.

It means classrooms will be dark and teacher-run extracurriculars like track meets are cancelled. With grade 12 graduation looming, students maintain they're the ones with the most to lose.

Health Sciences workers take a break from striking

The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan is taking a break from striking Monday.

The health care workers that walked off the job in Swift Current on Friday are back at work.

The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan officials said they to give Premier Brad Wall a window to agree to binding arbitration.

The union says binding arbitration is the only way this contract dispute will be resolved.

Battlefords Business Excellence Awards

The Gold Ridge Centre was a hub of activity on Tuesday for the Battlefords Business Excellence awards.

Napa Auto Parts won the Heritage Award, recognizing pioneer and cornerstone business leaders servicing the Battlefords for at least 15 years.

Owner Jim Prescesky says they have grown along with the community throughout the years.

Patient safety raised in negotiations by health union

Wages is a big part of this dispute, but Cathy Dickson with the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan says patient safety is also being compromised.

"There are huge waitlists for, especially in the pediatric (assessment) area, where little children are needing to have that assessment done so their development isn't further delayed," said Dickson.

The union will have a news conference at 11 this morning - News Talk Radio will have a reporter at the conference.

This story continues to develop...

Analyst suspects health strike to be long

At least one person is expecting a strike in the health sector to be a long one thanks to the essential services legislation.

The essential services legislation, introduced by the Brad Wall government in 2007, means that not all members of the Health Services Association of Saskatchewan are allowed to strike because they are essential to public health in this province.

Ben Dachus, a public policy analyst with the CD Howe Institute, says the fact that not everyone is aloud to strike often draws these thing out.

BHP Billiton to move head office to Saskatchewan

In a news release BHP Billiton reveals it's moving its diamonds and specialty products division -- which includes potash, to Saskatoon.

That will mean another 30 jobs at the Saskatoon office, on top of the 69 already there.

Premier Brad Wall insists the news vindicates the position the government took last year...encouraging the feds to reject BHP's take over bid of Potash Corp last year. He says that hasn't halted investment -- like some predicted.

Health sciences union rejects new offer

Saskatchewan's health sciences union has rejected a new offer put on the table by the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) Tuesday morning.

SAHO's offer would have given EMTs and paramedics closer to a 16 per cent wage increase over four years instead of the seven and a half offered across the board.

Union president Cathy Dickson says that's great for EMS workers, but not for everyone else. 

“We represent 3000 people and this new wage proposal has done nothing to address the recruitment and retention issues,” said Dickson. 

HSAS goes on strike

It looks like a promise made is a promise kept for the Health Sciences Association of Saskathchewan (HSAS).

About 60 workers with HSAS are striking today.

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region has been picked as the strike location. The workers include addictions counsellors, physical therapist and public health inspectors.

The union has been offered a seven and a half percent wage hike over four years. Workers want 18.5 percent over four years.