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The Questions the Riders Need Answers To In 2011

The Saskatchewan Roughriders go into the 2011 season with three major questions.

The biggest of which is the loss of receiver Andy Fantuz. Fantuz had a career year in the CFL, winning the Top Canadian Award, and is now lost in the weeds during the NFL's labour dispute as a member of the Chicago Bears.

Gary Etcheverry: The 'Mad Scientist' or 'Brilliant Mind'

Gary Etcheverry's departure was a pretty clear portrayal of his time with the team: head scratching and polarizing.

The defensive assistant has reportedly taken a job in the energy sector that is a lot more financially lucrative than his coaching career, especially now that he was relegated to an 'effort coach' with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as described by the new Head Coach Greg Marshall.

It's Time For Football!!!!

I just want to declare, it's football season!

We are just one week away from the opening of rookie camp and it's time to get revved up for the Green and White to hit the turf at Mosaic Stadium with the preseason opener against the Eskimos in three and half weeks away!

And I hope you've all rested up to get ready. I did last week and will give you a sample of how this reporter gets re-energized before football season.

Roughriders Day in the Snow

I'll have a lot more from Calgary as I head there for the West Final but I needed to pass this along.

This is just a minute sampling of what the Roughriders practice was on Thursday getting ready for the game. Now times that by about 120 and that's what the Riders went through.


Just so you know the on-air plan.

Friday, Sports Night will be live from Calgary from 6-8pm.

Riders Time To Shine

The CFL Playoffs are now here. In 24 hours the Roughriders will take on the B.C. Lions in the West Semi Final and the edge is tilted in the Riders favour.

Here's the Breakdown: