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CFL Power Rankings: After Week 6

While Winnipeg has labelled itself 'Swaggerville', it's hard to figure out what's going on in Riderville. The 33-3 loss to, at the time league worst, Hamilton Tiger-Cats seemed like rock bottom but then the Roughriders go pay a visit to the 0-5 B.C. Lions and come out with 11 points and have found an even deeper low.

However, after Week 3 I put the Roughriders at the bottom of the power rankings and this week there is actually a team I find even less powerful.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 5

Well this week there is a lot of movement within the Power Rankings. Teams are cruising, others are stumbling and the streaks we are seeing make it pretty is to see where teams sit in the rankings.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 4

What a difference a week makes for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and they climb up the power rankings because of it. The Riders rode into Montreal and took their game to the Alouettes, although it was hard to identify that by the way they played in the first three weeks. To climb further up the power rankings they of course need to play like that this week and next week.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 3

Embarrassing is a popular term in Saskatchewan after the Roughriders took it on the chin against Hamilton.

The Roughriders talked a good game before kickoff against the Tiger-Cats but when it came to putting it on the field, it appears there were a few passengers. Meanwhile as the Roughriders tailspin continues, some other teams impressed and others didn't in Week 3.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 2

Is it just me or does it appear the sky is falling?

The Saskatchewan Roughriders appear to have a crack in the foundation, although, it is possible they've bulldozed the house, the foundation is fine, it's just taking too long to rebuild the house.

Now for something completely different:

1. (LW -1) Montreal Alouettes (2-0) - No doubt, the Alouettes are for real. Who knew?

2. (LW - 2) Edmonton Eskimos (2-0) - No doubt, the Eskimos may be for real. MAYBE!

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 1

Here we go again with another edition of the Power Rankings for the Canadian Football League from week to week here on The Green Zone

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2011 CFL Predictions

Welcome to the 2011 CFL season!

It’s finally here as the B.C. Lions and Montreal Alouettes kick off the year, followed by a double header on Canada Day and then the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos finish off the week on Sunday.

And to begin the year, I give you my CFL predictions.


In the West Division I feel the race to host the playoff games will be as competitive as ever. The B.C. Lions and Edmonton Eskimos will be better than last season and the Calgary Stampeders will not be a 13-5 football team.

GreenTV: Saskatchewan Roughriders Pre-Season Preview Part II

I went to the internet to tell you what I think of the Riders vs Lions game. Sit back, grab the beverage of your choice, but drink it fast because this is only three minutes long!

GreenTV: Saskatchewan Roughriders Pre-Season Preview

Here's how I look at all the battles that will play out on the field for the Roughriders against the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday night at Mosaic Stadium.


A Few Good Men: Riders Rookie Camp Roundup

Over the last three days 45 players suited up to get a jump on main camp. Here are a few of the stars of the Saskatchewan Roughriders rookie camp. (In no particular order)