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CFL Power Rankings: After Week 17

The bottom two are pretty clear, however the Canadian Football League 2011 season is keeping to form as the teams who dominate can lay eggs and teams who have struggled start stringing wins together to make it really tough on people like me who try to rank teams on a weekly basis.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 16

Well the Saskatchewan Roughriders have nowhere to go but in the basement. They've lost four straight. Toronto just beat Calgary so there's no denying it. The team that hasn't scored a touchdown in over a month hits rock bottom.

A few other teams switch spots as well.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 15

Not much changes from Week 14 because all the good teams showed fairly well and the poor teams still look poor.

It's hard not to leave the seventh hole open and put the Roughriders and Argonauts in a tie for 8th.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 14

The power is clearly shifting towards the two teams I originally had playing in the Grey Cup at the start of the season (B.C. and Montreal).

However, let's not look at how I thought the Roughriders were going to do this season. HINT: I was very, very wrong.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 13

These power rankings took much deliberation.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders, who looked like a team climbing took a big step back in their run at the playoffs. The inconsistency across the league continues, which is a sign of parity. A good thing to have in a league but something that causes the fans of all eight teams to tear their hair out on a consistent basis.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 12

The Canadian Football League is a close race in these rankings and because of that fact, the rankings more or less are taking season standings out of the equation because it's time two teams deserve the recognition of their recent winning streaks.

Other teams need to take a hit for their inconsistent play.

And one team, is ... well .... bad.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 11

This week is a tough one to decide who's up or who's down. However, there is only one definitive spot.


The weakest team are the Toronto Argonauts and Steven Jyles at the helm didn't do much to turn the tide of the Argos season. But where should everybody else sit with Winnipeg losing, Montreal hot and cold, Calgary lays an egg one week and wins the next, Saskatchewan heating up, B.C. equally hot, Hamilton looking formidable and then spanked the next and Edmonton also with a Jekyll and Hyde go of late.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 10

The Canadian Football League's Labour Day Weekend was a bit of a dud. Not one game ended with the game on the line. Although Roughrider fans believe they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still a long track ahead.

Cleo Lemon out in Toronto. Henry Burris gives it to the boo birds in Calgary. An interesting week for quarterbacks in the CFL and some of those things weigh in on the power rankings.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 8/9

I hope you all enjoyed the bye week! I'm back to give you my gauge on where the team's lie going into the unofficial second half of the season and last week's games did showcase the top four teams in the league as stated two weeks ago. And they put on a pretty good show.

As for the Roughriders, you know what I said last week and right down to the bottom they fall after losing to the equally eye numbing Toronto Argonauts.

CFL Power Rankings: After Week 7

Well, if you were to pick a week to watch football, this may not be the one. Winnipeg, Calgary, Hamilton and Montreal are all resting this week while the four teams struggling the most hit the turf, including three 1-6 football teams.

The CFL marketing department may need to work overtime getting these matchups hyped up, while they could take next week off.