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CFL Week 7 Review and Power Rankings

Now that I'm in full swing after a week off here we go back to our regular scheduled program with my two cents on the two games we saw this past weekend.

Eskimos 28 - Riders 20

- The Roughriders mistakes at the worst time were in full effect once again. Instead of finding ways to win they're finding ways to lose, leading to more frustration and more questions going forward. Kory Sheets is pretty good though.

CFL Power Rankings

If you didn't notice I was on holidays immediately following the Riders loss to Hamilton on Saturday night so I'll catch you up on where I stack the teams heading into Week 7 on the CFL season. Of course four teams have the added bonus, or disadvantage of having an extra win or loss than they did following Week 5.

CFL Week 4 Recap and Power Rankings

As always we start off with the two cents for the four games this week.

Stampeders 41 - Roughriders 38 (OT)

- Whether the gas tank hit empty or the Riders took the foot off the gas pedal, giving up a 17 point 4th quarter lead is unacceptable but even the play calling on both offense and defense got questionable in the latter portions of the game.

- Kevin Glenn showed again that he deserves to be a number one quarterback. Too bad next week he may show the opposite, which has been the story of his last three seasons.

CFL Week 3 Recap and Power Rankings

My two cents on the CFL's Week 3.

Roughriders 23 - Lions 20

- It's not everyday you see a 129-yard missed field goal return for a touchdown, and I watched the controversial block over and over again ... I say it was shoulder to shoulder and not illegal. Tristan Jackson had two nicknames in Edmonton (Trizmo - in honour of Gizmo Williams - and the Mississippi Rocket) I like the last one better.

CFL Week 2 Recap and Power Rankings

My two cents on week 2 in the CFL.

Roughriders 17 - Eskimos 1

- Odell Willis has come out of the gate strong, which shouldn't be a surprise. To be seen is if Coach Chamblin can keep Willis focussed for all 18.

- Steven Jyles+Kerry Joseph do not equal Ricky Ray. It's going to be a long season for the Eskimos, although there defense could win a few games. (and they'll need to)

Alouettes 41 - Blue Bombers 30

- Anthony Calvillo has so many weapons it's almost unfair. None more dynamic than Brandon Whitaker.

CFL Week 1 Recap and Power Rankings

My two cents on Week 1 in the CFL Season.

Riders 43 - Tiger-Cats 16

- The 2011 Darian Durant was an anomaly, not 2010.

- In man coverage, you can not cover Weston Dressler.

- Henry Burris and company don't deserve the hype.... yet. They'll get better.

- Why did the Tiger-Cats sign Avon Cobourne?!?! Chevon Walker is a beast.

Eskimos 19 - Argonauts 15

- Argos vs. Eskimos = nap time.

- Ricky Ray will get better, not sure Steven Jyles will.

Stampeders 38 - Alouettes 10

Post Game Thoughts as Cuts Loom

The Saskatchewan Roughriders did everything they needed to do, despite the loss. They saw some good (and bad) but you got the feeling they're on the right track.

The offense moved the ball. Both Darian Durant and Drew Willy threw for high percentages and finished off a drive each with touchdowns.

The offensive line was a lot better and all that changed was Brendon LaBatte at left guard. Imagine when Chris Best comes back because it's clear Ben Heenan is just not quite ready to be a starter in the CFL.

Riders Training Camp Preview: Quarterback

For our final installment we’ll talk about what used to be the most popular player in Saskatchewan; The back-up quarterback.

In: Colt Brennan, JT O’Sullivan, Drew Willy, Levi Brown
Out: Ryan Dinwiddie, Cole Bergquist
Returning: Darian Durant

Camp Battle Grade: B+ - It’ll be a great battle for the back-up spot and may be a very important battle if Durant doesn’t make it through the season. Durant, however, is one of the most durable QBs in the league and should have an improved o-line.

Riders Training Camp Preview: Receiver

How can you not be excited about this battle when you have some pretty good pedigree coming up from the NFL?

In: Sinorice Moss, Bogdan Raic, Dwayne Jarrett, Justin Harper, Jason Chery, Taj Smith, Jock Sanders
Out: Andy Fantuz, Jason Clermont, James Robinson, Terrence Nunn, Ernie Wheelwright, Cary Koch, Freddie Barnes
Returning: Rob Bagg, Weston Dressler, Chris Getzlaf, Scott McHenry, Patrick Brown, Jordan Sisco, Dallas Baker, Efrem Hill

Riders Training Camp Preview: Special Teams

Being as how I have an extra day with rookie camp being pushed back to Thursday, I have added an extra blog on special teams. I’ll save receiver and quarterback for the last two days.

In: Chris Bodnar, Sinorice Moss, TJ Rushing, Jason Chery, Demetrius Crawford, Kory Sheets
Out: Luca Congi, Stu Foord, Kye Stewart
Returning: Chris Milo, Tristan Jackson, Brandon West