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CFL Week 18 Recap and Power Rankings

Here's hoping Hamilton doesn't make week 19 completely meaningless on Thursday night by losing. Yes, I know there is third to 'play for' in the West but let's be real, it's doesn't really matter if you finish 3rd in the West or crossover.

Argonauts 31 - Roughriders 26

- Who knew? The Argonauts are better with Ricky Ray at quarterback... huh?

CFL Week 17 Recap and Power Rankings

Four teams now know their playoff fate and the other four will fight for their right for the second season in the final two weeks.

Alouettes 34 - Roughriders 28

- The Roughriders and Alouettes were pretty well even when you look at efficiency with and without the wind. There was one difference, however. The Alouettes drive without the wind in the 1st quarter that had the Riders see one offensive series with the wind. It was a big drive considering the six point difference.

CFL Week 16 Recap and Power Rankings

The playoff picture is starting to clear up and it doesn't look good for two teams in the East.

Eskimos 37 - Roughriders 20

- That, by far, was the worst effort put forward by the Riders to date. Enough said.

- Kerry Joseph, Hugh Charles and Cary Koch made it even harder for Rider fans to watch that one, especially when some believe the last two players should still be on the right side of the fence.

Lions 37 - Tiger-Cats 17

CFL Week 15 Recap and Power Rankings

The playoff races are really starting to heat up with the battle for home field in the West and East. A new feature this week, as I make my power rankings for the Riders player awards with the voting right around the corner.

Roughriders 36 - Argonauts 10

- At halftime I felt the Riders again were allowing a team to be too close for comfort when they could have iced it early. Then the third quarter happened and that was about the end of that for the Argos.

CFL Week 14 Recap and Power Rankings

With the playoff battles heating up... let's begin with this!

Roughriders 27 - Lions 21

- Back to back games Darian Durant has stayed in the pocket and picked apart a pretty good defense. His QB efficiency rating is at a career high right now and his go to man Weston Dressler is also on fire.

CFL Week 13 Recap and Power Rankings

We review the finale to the first two thirds of the season, now time for the last dash to the playoffs!

Roughriders 30 - Stampeders 25

- OK, who didn't have deja vu when Calgary made it 27-25 as Tristan Jackson took a knee in the end zone on the kickoff? Good work by the Riders defense to keep things aggressive in the final few drives and not play prevent.

- Jon Cornish, running up the leader-board as most hated players at Mosaic Stadium. I wish I had my own addition of C'Mon MAN! on the Green Zone... maybe I stood start it.

CFL Week 12 Review and Power Rankings

Thankfully the week ended with better games than the start. I thought we were going to be in for one boring week in the CFL.

Alouettes 28 - Roughriders 17

- Drew Willy proved that he's a rookie quarterback, but one that with a lot more grooming could turn into something. Too bad his teammates weren't about to help him out with penalties and drops.

- The Alouettes won, but at what cost? No Brandon Whitaker could impact how well they do down the stretch.

Stampeders 44 - Blue Bombers 3

CFL Week 10 Recap and Power Rankings

What a great set of games for the Labour Day Weekend!

Roughriders 52 - Blue Bombers 0

- The Riders played well, the bounces (all of them) went their way and the Bombers stunk. Conclusion: 52-0.

- There was no more clear sign of why the Bombers are a mess than being outside their room following the loss. Closed doors. A GM taking control when he should leave it to the coaches on game day.

Alouettes 30 - Lions 25

- If this is a Grey Cup Preview! YAY! That was a great game.

CFL Week 9 Recap and Power Rankings

What an interesting week in the CFL

Stampeders 17 - Roughriders 10

- Corey Chamblin lit up his defense and on the Green Zone on Tuesday, Brent Hawkins said he was right there with him. Couldn't believe he didn't see more upset faces after that second touchdown. Is there an 'Ah shucks' attitude. If so, we know why Chamblin said some guys need to consider whether this is the career for them and likely precipitated the players only meeting.

CFL Week 8 Recap and Power Rankings

Here's how I saw the week play out in the CFL.

Lions 24 - Roughriders 5

- 5 points, really? It's not like they didn't have chances, they just didn't 'finish' (sick of that word yet this year?) Defense was good, bad calls by officials led to 7 to 10 Lions points, although that just means they lose by 12 or 9.

- Even if you can slow down the B.C. Lions, they will just wear you down until you break.

Blue Bombers 32 - Tiger-Cats 25