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CFL Power Rankings: Week 9

I had to wait until Ricky Ray's status was known for certain. And the result of his 4-8 week prognosis puts the Argos deeper down the Power Rankings.

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (7-1) - Who would ever put this team any where else but number 1. Honestly - who hacked these power rankings last week? A tough win over Edmonton makes up for a couple of lackluster games. The Eskimos were extremely tough and that team is much better than their 1-7 record. (RANKED #2 LAST WEEK)

CFL Power Rankings: Week 8

I'm going to ruffle some feathers here this week, but after a near loss against the 2-4 Alouettes and a 15-point loss to the Stampeders following the bye week, the Riders are no longer #1.

CFL Power Rankings: Week 7

Now every team has six games under their belt, we have a little better feel where teams stack up after the first third of the season.

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (5-1) - Yes, the Stampeders can argue they may have had the tougher schedule through the first six weeks but it's the matter to which the Roughriders won their five games (all over 10 points) and seemingly barely breaking a sweat that has them remain on top. [RANKED #1 LAST WEEK]

CFL Power Rankings: Week 5/6

I was away for the Riders bye week, so now it's back to work and back to football for the next 4 months with no more breaks. December (and Grey Cup Week recovery) will be here before we know it. Yes, some teams have an extra game in here but it'll all shake out after Week 7.

CFL Power Rankings: Week 4

The boys at the top remain there, while the bottom four teams look like they need to be ranked 7th through 11, rather than 5-8 because they are so far behind.

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-0) - Look at the stats sheet and they are #1 in almost everything. Offense, defense and special teams continue to dominate their opponents and a shut out at home puts them well above the number 2 ranked team, though the standings don't quite tell that story. [RANKED #1 LAST WEEK]

CFL Power Rankings: Week 3

The power remains in the West, except for the Eskimos of course.

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (3-0) - Over 35 points scored per game, the running game is #1, the passing game is the most efficient, the special teams is among the best and the defense is #2 in terms of points allowed. They are clearly the most powerful and with Darian Durant practicing Thursday and looking fine on his foot, there is no reason to think there will be a drop off this week vs. Hamilton. [RANKED #1 LAST WEEK]

CFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The Riders are on the rise while the Tiger-Cats fall in my power rankings following Week 2.

CFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The Riders are on the rise while the Tiger-Cats fall in my power rankings following Week 2.

CFL Power Rankings: Week 1

George Reed told The Green Zone Pre-Game Show on Saturday that the first two games of the season should be counted as pre-season games. Too many mistakes being made to truly know what you have as a team. Week 2 will be a better indication of where these teams sit, but without further ado. This is the order I see them ranked. (If you question my order, I welcome your thoughts to @jamienye on Twitter!)

Riders Training Camp Preview: Defensive Linemen and Linebackers

The Riders report to training camp on Saturday June 1st and over the next four days I will take a look at two positions a day to break down who to look out for and what battles I'll be keeping an eye on at training camp.