CFL Week 18 Recap and Power Rankings

Here's hoping Hamilton doesn't make week 19 completely meaningless on Thursday night by losing. Yes, I know there is third to 'play for' in the West but let's be real, it's doesn't really matter if you finish 3rd in the West or crossover.

Argonauts 31 - Roughriders 26

- Who knew? The Argonauts are better with Ricky Ray at quarterback... huh?

- Coach Corey Chamblin admitted that quarterback Darian Durant was slated to play only the first half. Yet, there he was getting Brandon Isaac's helmet smacked into his ear hole late in the 4th quarter. When you play with fire, sometimes you get burned. (Kids - don't play with fire)

Stampeders 41 - Lions 21

- I don't like that John Hufnagel is not behind Kevin Glenn 100% in the final few weeks of the season. Creating a quarterback controversy at the end of the season is never a good thing. Too bad for Hufnagel, both quarterbacks moved the ball for the offense.

- I can't believe for a second the Lions brought their 'A' game to Calgary. They showed them little to no film that could or would be used against them in the West Final. Pre-seasonesque game by the Leos.

Tiger-Cats 28 - Blue Bombers 18

- Not the prettiest game by either team but for the Tiger-Cats, they sent Ivor Wynne off well with the victory and kept hope alive in Hamilton that the playoffs could be a reality.

- Just when you thought the Bombers were starting to find themselves... Buck Pierce gets hurt. And now, back to the basement.

Alouettes 27 - Eskimos 25

- If I told you at the start of the season that guys named, Devine, Bowling and Jennings were going to help the Alouettes win, would you know their first names? Heck, do you know them now? Jim Popp is the best GM in the CFL, end of story.

- A late comeback has some yearning for Matt Nichols to start in the season finale, with possibly the season on the line. That would be a huge mistake. Impressive comeback, yes, but Kerry Joseph is the veteran you trust in a must win.


1. B.C. Lions (12-5) - Yes, the Stampeders beat them but a meaningless game for the Lions on the road I'm able to look past a 20-point loss. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the final regular season game with Travis Lulay missing the last two weeks with some speculation the shoulder injury may be a little more serious than the Lions are letting on. Ranked 1st Last Week.

2. Calgary Stampeders (11-6) - They are on a three game winning streak but are a little less powerful than they were a week ago because of the Drew Tate/Kevin Glenn controversy stirring things up. The uncertainty around the quarterback position isn't going to help. Players in the locker room will pick sides and feelings will be hurt and when that first mistake happens, it may not take long for teammates to get frustrated the other guy isn't in. It's just human nature. Ranked 2nd Last Week.

3. Montreal Alouettes (11-6) - Here are the Alouettes on a three-game winning streak right before the playoffs and will get to rest Anthony Calvillo for two weeks heading in to the East Semi-Final. The most astounding part is this is an 11 win team that overall has given up more points than they have scored. Ranked 3rd Last Week.

4. Toronto Argonauts (8-9) - With Ricky Ray back, they just look like a team destined to surprise some people in the playoffs. They have a healthy receiving corps with a lot of weapons and Ray found them all last week. Ranked 5th Last Week.

5. Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-9) - Where is the emotion all of a sudden with this team. With nothing to really play for, it looks like the team does read the paper and listen to the radio because early in games they are getting pushed around since they locked up a playoff spot. Still think this team has magic in them, though. Ranked 4th Last Week.

6. Edmonton Eskimos (7-10) - All the Eskimos have need was one measly win in the last two games and they couldn't do it. That's not the type of team you want to be in the playoffs and now they've given the Tiger-Cats hope. If they go into Friday's game needing a win, I don't like their chances. Ranked 6th Last Week.

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6-11) - Can you believe this team is still alive in the playoff hunt? I can't. They get the added benefit of the Argos sitting Ricky Ray in the game so my money is on the Tiger-Cats making things interesting. Henry Burris is clutch when he's not facing Saskatchewan with everything on the line. Ranked 7/8 Last Week.

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5-12) - Here lies the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2012 season, in poem:

Back in 2011 when we lost the Grey Cup, the drought of 30 years kept going up. The next season was coming ... a new home awaits... what's that?... not yet, okay, we'll push back the date. Bad news kept coming as LaPolice was dispatched and then it got worse in the Labour Day mismatch. Buck Pierce is coming back, there may be some hope! Oh right, I remembered this season's a joke. Our players were tweeting, our GM stood pat, now we wait for next season hoping we're not the door mat.