CFL Week 17 Recap and Power Rankings

Four teams now know their playoff fate and the other four will fight for their right for the second season in the final two weeks.

Alouettes 34 - Roughriders 28

- The Roughriders and Alouettes were pretty well even when you look at efficiency with and without the wind. There was one difference, however. The Alouettes drive without the wind in the 1st quarter that had the Riders see one offensive series with the wind. It was a big drive considering the six point difference.

- Anthony Calvillo's running ability was on full display and trust me, the Riders defense will want to burn that tape.

Blue Bombers 44 - Argonauts 32

- A healthy Buck Pierce will do wonders for a team. It got them to the Grey Cup last year and you know what, it might have done the same this year. Although their run game was ridiculous.

- Once again, the Toronto Argonauts don't help themselves with turnovers. Three fumbles and two by Chad Owens is about par for the course in the Argonaut losses this season.

Lions 39 - Eskimos 19

- Ho hum, Roy Shivers and Wally Buono have found another quarterback. Lets take a look back at Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickenson, Henry Burris, Kevin Glenn, Travis Lulay, Buck Pierce, and now Mike Reilly. Shivers did bring Darian Durant to the Roughriders, although it was Eric Tillman who was the first to add his name to a negotiation list.

- Will the real Edmonton Eskimos please stand up?

Stampeders 34 - Tiger-Cats 32

- Now that's CFL football. Snowy field and back and forth all game long. That may have been the most fun I've had watching a game in a while. Calgary did everything to lose, however.

- AND THEY SHOULD HAVE. You know the relationship between Andy Fantuz and Darian Durant may have soured when Durant brings up the word 'karma' when talking about Fantuz' fumble of the hold on the game winning field goal.


1. B.C. Lions (12-4) - No change at the top and this team is starting to ramp up their play going into the playoffs. They had a mini letdown a few weeks back but talk about turning up the volume with back to back 20 point victories. Ranked 1st Last Week.

2. Calgary Stampeders (10-6) - The Stampeders had some struggles against Hamilton and were a bit fluky to get out of that game with a win but they still deserve the number two spot. What's interesting is Kevin Glenn's struggles in the win will lead to more Drew Tate fans yearning for the man who was supposed to be the starter this season. This will create a QB controversy at the worst possible time ... maybe the Riders do want to stay West for the Semi-Final. Ranked 2nd Last Week.

3. Montreal Alouettes (10-6) - What a difference a week makes. Last week I was disrespecting the Alouettes and without some key players they show off that they're still an offensive powerhouse no matter what. The defense leaves a little to be desired but so do the defenses of seven of the eight teams. Ranked 5th Last Week.

4. Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-8) - The Riders stay in this spot because they were right in it with the Alouettes. The wind was a major factor and as I pointed out earlier, only getting one possession with the wind in the first quarter was a major blow being as how they scored a touchdown on their first three possessions with the wind, with two more in the fourth quarter. Defense needs to get it together. Ranked 3rd Last Week.

5. Edmonton Eskimos (7-9) - The Eskimos continue to be all over the map. Yes, they were taking on the best team in Vancouver but it was also against the back-up quarterback. I'm guessing with the way the season has gone they'll beat Montreal in Montreal. Who knows anymore. Ranked 4th Last Week.

6. Toronto Argonauts (7-9) - With a three game losing streak, you'd think the Argonauts would fall in the rankings. Then you look below them and see the Tiger-Cats (also on a three-game slide) and the Bombers and you realize this is exactly where they belong. Ranked 6th Last Week.

7/8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats/Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5-11) - The season is on the line for these two teams. With the Bombers win last week and a little momentum with Buck Pierce in at quarterback, I'd be very concerned as a Tiger-Cat that you, not the Bombers are going to be the first team eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday afternoon. Buckle up this is the first playoff game of the season!!!!

Riders Player Award Power Rankings

Most Outstanding Player

1. Weston Dressler 2. Kory Sheets (Note: Voting is to be concluded after the game Saturday so really Kory Sheets will have to run for 200 and score three touchdowns if he has any shot at overtaking Dressler, who has had added to a great season the last six weeks)

Most Outstanding Defensive Player

1. Tyron Brackenridge 2. Joe Lobendahn 3. Odell Willis (Note: It is becoming abundantly clear no Rider has a shot at winning the West Nominee because there has been no standout. Flip a coin)

Most Outstanding Canadian

1. Dominic Picard 2. Brendon LaBatte 3. Chris Getzlaf (Note: Sadly, Getzlaf has dropped off, while their is a reason Kory Sheets is up for MOP and two of them are Picard and LaBatte)

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman

1. Xavier Fulton (Note: He wins.... Brendan Taman and Darian Durant both said Tuesday the man known as 'X' hasn't allowed a sack all season. That means the 30+ has been shared by the rest of the o-line and a few missed assignment by running backs and receivers. WOW!)

Most Outstanding Rookie

1. Ben Heenan 2. Xavier Fulton 3. Terrell Maze (Note: Still torn on this award. The leap to the pros has been a lot larger for the recent CIS grad. But now knowing how good Fulton has been, I'm starting to lean back towards the freshman CFLer)

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player

1. Sandro DeAngelis 2. Sam Hurl (Note: This is how it's going to shake down on my ballot as DeAngelis handling both duties the last couple of weeks and doing an admirable job is confirmation he deserves it)