CFL Week 12 Review and Power Rankings

Thankfully the week ended with better games than the start. I thought we were going to be in for one boring week in the CFL.

Alouettes 28 - Roughriders 17

- Drew Willy proved that he's a rookie quarterback, but one that with a lot more grooming could turn into something. Too bad his teammates weren't about to help him out with penalties and drops.

- The Alouettes won, but at what cost? No Brandon Whitaker could impact how well they do down the stretch.

Stampeders 44 - Blue Bombers 3

- Wow do the Blue Bombers have a lot of work to do. Just another showcase of bad football.

- Stampeders are stringing some wins together and starting to look like a legit contender.

Tiger-Cats 51 - Eskimos 8

- I will now pick teams to score 50 points or more following a five game losing streak forever. Good news Winnipeg, you're one more loss away from scoring 50!

- OK, Edmonton, it doesn't matter who plays quarterback! Hey maybe that's how they get Cory Boyd on the roster.

Lions 28 - Argonauts 23

- Three players (Simon, Harris, Gore) had over 100 yards from scrimmage. Lulay threw for almost 400. How is this fair?

- Without Chad Kackert, I thought it was an admirable effort by Toronto


B.C. Lions (8-3) - They keep on getting better and better and now they have Solomon Elimimian back? I repeat... how is this fair? Ranked 1st Last Week

Calgary Stampeders (7-4) - Kevin Glenn has been playing some superb football. Jon Cornish continues to lead the league in rushing. Nik Lewis is playing some of the best football of his career. Oh and the defense has allowed just 15 points per game on their four game winning streak. Ranked 4th Last Week

Montreal Alouettes (7-4) - The Alouettes didn't look lights out against the Roughriders. Instead the offense struggled and almost gave the game back to Saskatchewan late. Combine that with a poor effort in B.C. (which is common for Montreal when they travel West) and you have a team that's starting to lose some moxy. Now they've lost Brandon Whitaker and hope Victor Anderson can step in. Ranked 2nd Last Week

Toronto Argonauts (6-5) - I can forgive a long trip West to Vancouver. Plus, they took on the best team in the league. Is Ricky  Ray starting to figure it out in Toronto? I think he might be and that only spells danger for the opposition.They also have the best defense in the East by far, so that bodes well down the stretch. Ranked 3rd Last Week.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4-7) - Henry Burris and crew finally got some help from the defense. Holding Edmonton to eight points may not have been difficult but it still gave the ball back to the offense enough times to run away with that game early. Avon Cobourne lighting up the league once again as Chevon Walker awaits his retun to the lineup before he becomes forgotten. Ranked 7th Last Week.

Saskatchewan Roughriders (5-6) - The Roughriders had two emotional wins and followed that up with an over emotional bunch. 17 penalties is going to be met with fines and other punishemnts. We also wait to here if Darian Durant starts at quarterback, if so it bodes well for the Riders. Ranked 6th Last Week.

Edmonton Eskimos (5-6) - The Eskimos need to figure out a quarterback and quickly because playing it day by day can only put extra weight on the minds of the quarterbacks. Kerry Joseph one week, Steven Jyles the next and it the results didn't differ. What a gutsy move to trady for Brody McKnight but they did trade too much in return? We'll see if it pays off. Ranked 5th Last Week

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2-9) - Worst defense, Worst offense = here to stay for a while.