CFL Week 10 Recap and Power Rankings

What a great set of games for the Labour Day Weekend!

Roughriders 52 - Blue Bombers 0

- The Riders played well, the bounces (all of them) went their way and the Bombers stunk. Conclusion: 52-0.

- There was no more clear sign of why the Bombers are a mess than being outside their room following the loss. Closed doors. A GM taking control when he should leave it to the coaches on game day.

Alouettes 30 - Lions 25

- If this is a Grey Cup Preview! YAY! That was a great game.

- Things are going to be flipped when Montreal goes West in the rematch. Tough trip.

Argonauts 33 - Tiger-Cats 30

- 402 yards by Chad Owens was amazing to watch. He's got some fumble-ites but get this guy into space and it's a great show.

- Ditto for Chris Williams, however, the Tabbies have quickly lost four straight and need to figure out their defense.

Stampeders 31 - Eskimos 30

- Calgary got a good dose of Good Hank, Bad Hank over the years. Now they get Good Glenn, Bad Glenn ... good thing it was the former that finished the game.

- Eskimos defense finally lets them down and so to did their special teams. Have to make game winners under 50.


1. Montreal Alouettes (6-3) - The offense is carrying the Alouettes to a four-game winning streak. Anthony Calvillo, Brandon Whitaker and SJ Green and a lethal trio. Brian Bratton is a dangerous fourth option and oh... they don't have a healthy Jamel Richardson. If the defense under the direction of Jeff Reinebold ever get it together they won't lose again. Ranked 2nd Last Week.

2. B.C. Lions (6-3) - I have full belief they will top these rankings after next week when they beat Montreal in Vancouver. But they have to concede first to the streaking Alouettes. There defense was pummeled by Whitaker and Calvillo but that isn't something to be too concerned about as they have given up less than 20 points a game this season. Ranked 1st Last Week.

3. Edmonton Eskimos (5-4) - So close to winning on the road in the Battle of Alberta. Kerry Joseph will start again this week and while I think that makes them a little less powerful they have solidified their running game and hence play action options. By trading Greg Carr it will be interesting to see what will likely be Shamawd Chambers take a larger roll in the offense. Ranked 3rd Last Week.

4. Toronto Argonauts (5-4) - Toronto is waiting for Ricky Ray to find his groove. When that happens they have a chance to start thinking about becoming the East Division Champion. The progress of the offense has been slower than expected but with a 33 point performance it coule be that they are getting over the hump. Ray is also getting receivers back that his has some familiarity with from his Eskimo days. Ranked 5th Last Week.

5. Calgary Stampeders (5-4) - The Stampeders are way too hot and cold for me to put them in the top half of the league. While they are the highest scoring team in the West Division, they are also the worst defense when you look at the points as well. BUT, two straight wins and they all of a sudden have a chance to go on a run in the final half. Ranked 6th Last Week.

6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (3-6) - The Tiger-Cats have stumbled, but only on defense. The offense keeps them going but Henry Burris may have to lead the offense to 40 every week to win. Sounds like the seasons he started in Saskatchewan. Ranked 4th Last Week.

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-5) - The Roughriders got a few things back on track. Offense, defense and special teams against the Bombers. Oh, yeah, that would be everything. Did they take advantage of a wounded dog. Absolutely! But you still have to play some fantastic football to win by 52. However, you have to beat someone better than the Bombers to move up the rankings. Ranked 7th Last Week.

8.  Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2-7) - We've talked to Terrence Edwards and Jovon Johnson over the last two weeks on the Green Zone and they don't sound happy... not just because they're losing but it doesn't take much to read between the lines that the Coach didn't lose the team. The GM is making it hard to go to work every day in Winnipeg. Ranked 8th Last Week.